WSOP DAY 2C: It’s the Final Countdown!!!

Here is today’s league reps starting in day 2 of the WSOP Main. Let’s wish them all the best of luck.

Steve Trizis 88,500

Trey Harrell 77,500

Cyndi (Thuy Beltran) Nguyen 25,000

Mark “Gascard” Collins 16,000

League alum Fil Khavin starts with a 47,000 stack

Meanwhile other league members are enjoying a delicious breakfast…

update: Steve up to 127K on dinner break!

Trey 90K & Cyndi 50K LFG!!!🍀🍀

ps check out this awesome article about Trey & Marie!

At the end if day 2C the survivors are:

Trey 133600

Cyndi 50K

Steve 173100

Look for the combined day 3 post Saturday (today depending on time zone)!

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