WSOP DAY 4: And we have 4 still in it!

TBEPL has 4 remaining in the 2018 WSOP! With 1182 remaining going into day 4 all are guaranteed a min cash of $15K!

All are in the Amazon room now.

Rob Benford 54,000 chips

tbl 437/4

Trey Harrell 94,000 chips

tbl 492/6

Steve Trizis 120,000 chips

tbl 512/2

Derek Csanadi 322,000 chips

tbl 505/8

They start at 11am Vegas time at 1K/3K/6K Average stack 333K.



photo of Steve courtesy of Mark “Rat Bastard” Wiser (league alum)

Trey unbagging his chips on day 4! One of the youngest players at the Main, Trey held his own against Phil Ivey at his table for much if dsy 3!

Rob Benford is our first bust of the day A9o<AA. According to Rob ” I’m out in 1st orbit (3rd hand). I was big blind (7k of my 54) UTG (table CL) raises to 20. Folded around to me. I have As9c. I jam my remaining 8 bigs. He calls with AA. Flopped 3 spades. Couldn’t find another spade on last 2 streets. Did what I felt I had to do. ”

Great run Rob!!!

All remaining have leveled up another $900

Trey Harrell is getting more press!

WSOP: 21-Year-Old Trey Harrell Hanging Tough Despite Rookie Status

What a great run for Trey! I’m sure we’ll be seeing a great poker career for him! 916th out of 7800+ $17K+

At the break Steve has 135K & Derek has 280K! Run itup!!!

5:21 Pm

Derek Casanadi out 787 for $18K+

According to Derek “Got in AK vs AQ on a K 10 3 board guy check ships finds a J for 400k. Then got my last 250k in on 8910 board with J10 guy has J7. ”

Amazing run Derek!

The Godfather of the League, Steve Trizis is the last man standing with 130K. He recently folded 33 which would have been quads but didn’t feel good about staying in. If 22 would have been in for sure.

Update 5:45

Steve doubles to 300K!!!

Update 8:45pm

Steve, the Godfather of the League has busted as #550. What an amazing run!

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