Spring League Week 17: Allen “The Terminator” Wiseman wins a 3 way Battle Royale! Dugg get’s a Royal Flush and no change in the top 5!

img_7116That’s the short version of week 17 but it was definitely a wild ride.  The final three players, Allen Wiseman who had a monster stack after eliminating about half of the final table, Ken Brown who says quitting is for quitters, and Trey Harrell (who is still enjoying his month long celebration of his 21st birthday) battled for an hour and forty five minutes before Allen took the win.

img_7109Early on Dugg Hadden had a Royal Flush.  If you have a Royal Flush during your league play you get a special prize and recognition.  The prize is the players say “nice hand”, someone takes a picture of the hand, and then the hand is mucked and you win what ever is in the pot.

Sherry felt pretty good about her 99 but lost all but her last 225 when Chris Hyden called with AK off and rivered an Ace.

img_7110After a great finish last week Clive was looking to continue up the leaderboard when he got it in with 10-10 versus John “Muscles” Gordon’s 88.  Clive felt good when he saw that Gordon did not have his lucky 44.

img_7106Clive’s luck was short lived later when he had AK vs Derek Csanadi with KQ.  King high flopped and Derek shoved.  Clive called and Derek rivered the Queen.  This left Clive with 125 behind which he promptly lost in the next hand.

Trey doubled Allen up with JJ vs Allen’s AJ.  Allen ran out a straight 3 handed.img_7099

In the end after the Battle Royale Allen took the win which moves him up 10 places from 23rd to 13th.  Again, another example of how just one win can jump a player on the leaderboard right until the end of the season.  Ken Brown, with his second place finish, moved from 9th to 7th – a strong candidate for at least a minor package if not a Main package with another win that could potentially move him to top 5.  Trey has maintained his 6th place on the league leaderboard for four weeks now and is also on the cusp of winning a Main Event package – he needs a top 4 finish to potentially move to top 5.

The current top two, Jason Barnett and Steve Trizis came in 10th and 9th this week.  If Steve can pull off a win next week and Jason is 10th or worse Steve could actually take over the top spot.  No pressure Steve. The remaining top 5 are so close in points that a final table could change up the order easily.

UPDATED SPRING LEAGUE PRIZE DETAILS: Based on current participation and the poll the tentative prizes will be: The top 4  players will be playing the WSOP Main Event, The 5th place prize will be a $5K package with a requirement to play a $3500+ event, and the Next 5+ (estimated) a WSOP minor event (such as the Monster Stack) and One freeroll for a minor package for those who qualify by paying 15 weeks minimum AND playing 3 OF THE LAST 5 WEEKS with the league holding a 10% piece!  *prizes may vary based on participation by week 20 but if participation is similar to week 17 the above seems to work.

The final table in order of finish was:

  1.  Allen Wiseman
  2. Ken Brown
  3. Trey Harrell
  4. Don Dean
  5. Tom Clements
  6. Derek Csanadi
  7. Dave Bennett
  8. SuperDave Kaucher
  9. Steve Trizis
  10. Jason Barnett