Spring League Week 18: Where did Jason go? Dave Bennett takes first and Steve takes 2nd. And in unrelated news TBEPL Alum/Blogger Andra wins a Venetian Daily!

When the night was over Steve Trizis made another final table,  another cash, and another attempt to unseat Jason Barnett from 1st place on the season leaderboard.  With a 2nd place finish this week, Steve is now 1 point from a tie for first and two points from taking over the leaderboard.  img_6703-1Steve asked the writer of the weekly blog to let Jason know (since he’s a bit intimidated by him in person) that “Jason is going down this week” and that Steve “guarantees it.”

Note that Jason and Steve both have wrapped up a Main Event Seat with their points this late in the season but both will show up to build the prize pool.   Anyone that has at least 63 points is still n the running for a Main Event package and everyone who is still participating and meets the participation requirements is in the running for a smaller package.  It’s not over until it’s over!!!! Quitting is for Quitters!!!

Early in the evening Steve raised with Q9dd. Cyndi called with 69ss (one of Steve’s favorite hands).  The flop was 87Jss giving Cyndi the straight & flush draw and Steve the gut straight draw.   Steve checked and Cindy bet 500, Steve called.  The turn was the 10d giving Cyndi a straight and Steve the higher straight.  Steve check raised Cyndi’s bet  again and Cyndi shoved.  Steve won with the nuts.  img_7196Cyndi rebought.

At this point in the evening TBEPL player Mark Winchell and his beloved wife Andra were in Vegas at the Venetian with 41/101 left.54767544751__636aefc7-66f5-48d5-ae8a-9c0d7a6ee69e

The players were excited to have Reno back playing the league this week.  He played 3 hands.img_7199

Trey and Will got into a hand with 78o vs AA.  A flop of 4-5-6 made for a sad holder of the AA.  Which player had the 7-8o? One would never know when Trey and Will are in a hand but this time it was Will.

Meanwhile in Vegas there were 23 left of 101 and Mark and Andra were still having a good run.

Derek C was all in and Mike “Gascard” Collins called with AJo and won with top pair.  We don’t know what Derek had besides a worse hand.  img_7202Gascard had a third place win this week moving him up 5 places on the leaderboard to 12th place – right on the cusp of a minor event package with a decent finish these next two weeks.

At this point Mark and Andra were 4 from the bubble at the Venetian, Mark with more chips than Andra.

Trey got it in with JJ v Dave’s AA All in preflop.    With a 59638 board AA held up which helped him with his win this week.img_7208

Kenny had A-2 when Sherry had JJ and was all in.  Jacks weren’t holding up this week and Kenny Turned a Full House.

img_7211Later there was a three way all in preflop – Kenny with JJ, Chris Hyden with 88 and Steve with AA.  Nitty Allen folded 77 (fortunately)img_7213

Meanwhile in Vegas with 13/101 left Andra had doubled to 120K against a scary hoodie/mirrored sunglasses/headphones guy while the average was 84K.  Mark was down to 10bb and became the bubble boy in 13th place.

Once the league was down to 3 handed play Gascard and David got it all in on the flop – Gascard A6 and David AQ.  David said “Dammit you have two pair” as he called Gascard’s all in.  Then he spiked a Queen.img_7215-1

Andra texted Steve that she might be chip leader at the Venetian.  Andra made the final table and after a few double ups she was heads up against the new chipleader who had more than 2/3 of the chips in play and was the person who had knocked her beloved husband Mark out.  In a heads up battle she doubled up when she flopped top pair and a flush draw.

She was relentless and in the end Her K2o beat his A8o when she rivered a 2.   Mark told him after it was over that he was surprised that there wasn’t a chop.  He responded “you can chop?”.

The final table in order of finish:

  1.  David Bennett
  2. Steve Trizis
  3. Gascard
  4. Kenny O
  5. Cyndi
  6. Allen Wiseman
  7. Sherry Wiseman
  8. Chris Hyden
  9. Trey Harrell
  10. Will Thorn






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