Spring League Week 15: The pressure is on as Steve and Cyndi move closer to first and other players ladder up!

Steve closed the gap some with Jason during week 15 with Cyndi closing in as well as both made yet another final table. SuperDave Kaucher moved up 9 places with his third place finish this week.

Steve got into a few notable hands with Kenny O’Donnell.  In one hand Steve was AIPF with 44 vs Kenny’s K-10o.  img_6908Steve flopped a Boat but Kenny rivered a bigger one.  img_6910In another hand with Kenny, Steve  had Ah -3s.  Kenny had A-3cc.  Steve made the four spades to win the hand.

Kenny went on to crack Rob’s  AA with his TT.  It was unreal.

In another hand Cyndi shoves her QQ AIPF and Kenny O calls (we’re still not sure why) with 9To.  Fortunately he was not close enough for Cyndi to reach across the table and punch him in the throat.

Kenny9T0>Cyndi QQ

Steve was in a few hands with Ed early in the evening.
Round 1: Steve raises with AA, Ed calls with AT. Flop 10 high. After a bunch of betting, Steve won.
Round 2 (3 hands later): Steve has AA (again). The flop is a K high and there is a bunch of betting. The board ends up 9-10-K-3, Queen on the river. He had the QQ and won hat round. Both were still in but a big chip loss for Steve.
Steve did have some other good hands – He had AK>Dugg’s KK when there was an A on the flop and an A on the turn. He then tripled up with 99>AQ Don> AQ Tom. Steve apologized to Andra (the blogger and Mark Winchell’s beloved wife) when he knocked Mark out 33> Mark’s AJ.
Mark also had his AA cracked earlier by Ed who was running very hot early

Ed continued running well when Trey was AIPF with AK, Ed with 9To.  Ed rivered the gutterball…..

Ed 9To>Trey AK

In another hand Ed and Tom were AIPF Tom KJdd>Ed TT.  It was a pretty loose call but Tom figured Ed owed him after an earlier hand.

Tom KJdd>Ed TT

Tom was in a hand with KK against Derek Worley with J8.  Ouch!

Derek W J8hh<Tom KK

In the end the final table in order of finish was:

  1.  Tom Clements
  2. Kenny O’Donnell
  3. SuperDave Kaucher
  4. Steve T
  5. Rob Benford
  6. Cyndi Chris
  7. Dugg Hadden
  8. Ed Sojack
  9. Trey “is 21 so he owes Mark a beer” Harrell
  10. Chris Hyden

There will be a ballot taken on Thursday  to determine the structure of the prizes. Please be on time and cast your vote


Guess who?