Spring League Week 14: Nailed it! Cyndi and Don Dean chop 1st!

Week 14 was an opportunity for some League members to make a move up the leaderboard with Steve Trizis out of town and Jason Barnett having a run bad week  (that’s what its called if he doesn’t win) including a rebuy.

img_6713Deb Farmer chipped up early but soon ran into Derek C who when he played 66 and flopped 556 with two clubs.  Deb had A4cc and with a club on the river was never folding.  Derek had a full double up on that hand.

When the league was down to two tables Derek C busted Ed.

img_6776Clive was ss when his AK>Bigger stack’s J9.  He shoved the turn with the nut flush draw and hit it on the river while the other player hit their J for top pair.

Derek C’s run good ended when Jason’s 66> Derek’s QJo all in preflop when both players were short stacked.   Jason had rebought earlier.  img_6777

Clive made a great come back this week when he won three all ins that brought him from a low of 225 to about starting stack (12K).  Still no final table this week for Clive but that was pretty amazing.  img_6780Mark Winchell, who slowly built his stack up through the evening, got the knock out when his AK>Clive’s K10.  Mark had a big jump this week moving from 21st to 15th – the biggest leaderboard jump of the week after back to back final tables and a 4th place finish this week & a 5th place last week.  Mark is a good example of how consistent final tables can move a player up the leaderboard.

Jason tried for a comeback and doubled through Dave Bennett with 44 while still at two tables.img_6783  He couldn’t keep it going however and did not make the final table this week, a very rare occurrence this season.

A notable hand before the final table was Jason’s last.  Jason, Dugg, and Cyndi were all in pre-flop.    Jason A5hh, Dugg QJo and Cyndi with 99.  Cyndi flopped her set, Dugg turned 2 pair and nothing for Jason.  Cyndi knocked both Dugg and Jason out for a nice increase in her stack.  The final table was now set.


John “Muscles” Gordon finished in 10th place this week giving him time to get some rest before heading to Hollywood to play in the WPT Seminole Hard Rock poker Showdown Main Even.  John was in Beast Mode and represented the league well and showed off some of the skills he obtained by playing in the league with his 37th place out of 1309 players for $16,974.  John had one of the top stacks going into the later part of the tournament.  Congratulations John!

Other current and former league members Ken O’Donnell and Fil Khavin ran deep as well – Fil later cashed in 5th place in the $5K event for $27,232.  The League takes full responsibility for the skills of these players.

Sherry Wiseman had a 9th place finish this week.  Dave Bennett was the 8th place finisher. Tina ran deep for the 2nd week in a row.  She chipped up early and maintained a good stack all the way to the final table.  Last week Tina finished 3rd, this week 7th and she’s well in reach of a package with 6 weeks left.    SuperDave was out 6th when his K7cc<KJ.  img_6787

Trey was out 5th and Mark’s run good was cut short with a 4th place finish.  Tom Clements had a great run this week for a 3rd place finish.img_6719

In the end it was Don Dean and Cyndi who agreed after knocking out Tom, that it was time to go home.  There was a chop for this week.


The final table in order of finish this week:

  1.  Cyndi and Don (chop)
  2. See above
  3. Tom Clements
  4. Mark Winchell
  5. Trey Harrell
  6. SuperDave Kaucher
  7. Tina Pridgen
  8. Dave Bennett
  9. Sherry Wiseman
  10. John Gordon