Spring league Week 13: It’s a tie between the top two for the week but Jason still dominates the season leaderboard with first place for the season!

Week 13 was a battle with several players making strong showings including Mark,  Tina, Sherry and Derek C.  In the end it was the current top two for the season, Jason and Steve who agreed to chop the top two places for the week.  Another win has given Jason such a boost that he is now 18 points – more than a win – above Steve who is almost 2 wins ahead of anyone beneath him in the standings.  With 7 weeks left and 119 available points anyone can still win top five and a Main Event Seat!  Jason, a new player in the league this season, seems to be on fire but many players are hoping to take over the lead with some good play along with a little bit of luck.


Some notable hands included Jason’s QQ v Trey’s 99 all in on the flop.  Jason rivered a Q to beat Trey’s flopped set.  Trey was out.

Steve shoved with 88.  Will called with 8Jdd.  An 8 on the flop gave Steve a win.

All in preflop Allen’s hand was counterfeited by Will.

with Dave B’s QQ v Derek C’s AA Dave was out by the river.

Mark W made the final table after having some run good for a change.  Tina was dominating for much of the game this week.  Steve shoved with A4 and ran into Dugg with AJ.  The flop 7 3 8 5 6 gave Steve the “suck out” or  as he texted explaining the hand “I suck D out big time” which sounded somewhat inappropriate and could be misconstrued by non poker players.

Mark was all in for more pre flop with QQ v Dugg’s A4hh, Dugg turned an A.  A4 seemed to be the run good had of the night.

Mark was then all in with KQcc v Deb’s A-9.   Mark rivered a T for the straight.

Sherry beat Steve’s FH Ts full of 4s and then moved on and took out Chris with 88>AQ.

In the end the final table in order of finish was:

  1.  Steve and Jason
  2. see above
  3. Tina Pridgeon
  4. Sherry Wiseman
  5. Mark Winchell
  6. Derek Csanadi
  7. Dugg Hadden
  8. Will Thorne
  9. Chris Hyden
  10. Deb Farmer

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