Spring League Week 12: Jason still dominating the League!

Jason Barnett continued to dominate the league with a 3rd place finish this week.  He remains in the lead this season with an 18 point lead – more than a win – over Steve Trizis who remains in second place for the season.  With 8 weeks remaining, everyone that is still participating has a chance to win this, if they lock Jason in a closet for the rest of the season.

Some notable hands – Mark Winchell had a great start and knocked Rob out with KK>AQ to build up a nice stack. img_6605 Later in the evening after winning chips from Tina several times she turned the tables and took most of his chips.    img_6604Tina ended up making her first final table of the season.

Earlier Rob raised 1500 pf while at 600bb.  Ed called and Rob was all in after the flop with AJ.  Ed called with 99. img_6610

Steve’s AQss<Don Dean’s 33 when Don hit a 3 on the flop.  Ouch.   No final table this week for Steve.  He’s giving everyone another chance.

img_6607Trey was all preflop with AT against Ed’s AK.  Trey won the hand which knocked Ed down to 1500.  4 hands later he was back up to 20K and made the final table.  img_6609In another hand Ed was all in pre flop with TT, Darryl was all in for more with AT and Sherry called with 99.  Ed won the main, Sherry the side and Darryl was out.

HUGE GAME TOMORROW!  WEEK 13! (*The blogger apologizes for the late update on week 12.  She is still waiting for her windfall so she doesn’t have to do taxes for a living and has a little more time to write blogs, play poker, and work on her fitness model career)

The final table in order of finish:

  1.  Chris and Cyndi Chopped first place
  2. See above
  3. Jason Barnett
  4. Don Dean
  5. Trey Harrell
  6. Tina Pridgen
  7. Sherry Wiseman
  8. Ed Sojack
  9. Ken Brown
  10. Derek Worley
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