Spring League Week 10: Steve continues his move up the leaderboard eyeing Jason’s spot!

Steve expects to pass Jason next week to take possession of first.  When Clive asked him what happens if he wins two packages (he won one during the Fall League), Steve said “I’m not sure, but I expect everyone to start bowing when I walk into the poker room”.

No pressure, but I think it’s time for the other league members to kick it up a notch.  Steve’s first place moved him up from being tied for 3rd with Deb Farmer to sole possession of second place.  Jason still has the lead by 9 points over Steve with Derek C one point behind Steve in third. img_6404

Anyone can still win a Main Event seat, the season is only at the half way point.  It will be interesting to see how things develop over the next 10 weeks.

Early on in the evening Steve and Gascard slow played straight flushes against each other,  that was a painful chop.

Mark Winchell had a rough start when his J9 on a 9 high flop ran into Dugg’s 99 for half of his stack.  Next hand Mark had A7dd with SuperDave K (still has the name but may have to change it) and Darryl in the hand.  Q high flop all diamonds gave Mark the nut flush.  Dave was betting, Darryl and Mark calling (odd that Darryl stayed in…).  the runout of 44 gave Darryl a FH with his Q4o.  OUCH!!!  In the end Mark was out when his A5 flopped x55. The turn was a Q and Dugg had QQ.  OUCH SQUARED!


Other notable hands were Reno v Gascard.  The Q on the river screwed Gascard.  He would have had Reno’s whole stack.  Gascard’s AQ flopped a FH AQQ.  Reno had 66.  The turn was a 6 giving Reno a lower FH.  The river gave Gascard Quads but kept Reno from risking any more.

There were a lot of “D”s in one big hand (don’t take that inappropriately) when Don Dean had a double knockout.  Deb had A3ss, Derek “The Good one” W had AKo.  Don with his JJ sucked out. So Don D > Deb & Derek.

img_6408Down to four players Dave B had JJ, Allen had AA All in Pre flop.  Flop QQ9, turn a Q.






In the end the order of finish of the final table was:

  1.  Chop Dave Bennett and Don Dean
  2. see above
  3. Steve “The humble one” Trizis
  4. Allen Wiseman
  5. Mike Gascard Collins
  6. Chris Hyden
  7. Sherry Wiseman
  8. SuperDave Kaucher
  9. Ken Brown
  10. Jason “Temporarily 1st on the leaderboard” Barnett