Spring League Week 9: Will gets a win and Steve jumps up on the leaderboard!

This week was a great example of how just a couple of good finishes can move a player rapidly up the leaderboard and how any current player can still finish with a Main Event package win at this point, week 9 of 20.  With a 4th place finish this week after his win last week, Steve Trizis  is now tied in 3rd place with Deb Farmer. Jason and sleeveless Derek are still the top two.  img_6285Two weeks ago Steve was 14th on the leaderboard, last week he moved up to 9th with his win and after this week he moved up to 3rd.

Will made his 2nd final table of the season with a win this week.  img_6283If he has a high finish next week and the current leaders don’t have a good week, he could be top 5 by next week.  Like last season, where most of the players were in the running for a package all the way to the end (plus all were in the running for at least the free roll package),  there are still many opportunities to be the #1 player in the league.  There is no need to lock Steve in a closet at this point.

img_6308Some notable hands were played.  At one point Good Derekimg_6312, Gascard and Allen were all in pre-flop.  Allen had 7-7, Gascard A-7, and Good Derek K-K.  Flop A-7-2, turn Q, River A – Gascard FH over Allen FH.

In another hand, Steve rivered (aka sucked out with) a 9 when he was AIPF  with 99 against Kenny’s QQ. img_6307

Cyndi raised 2100 preflop and Don Dean called.  The flop was K-J-x club club. Don checked and Cyndi bet 2325.  Don rr to 7K and Cyndi shoved with her KsQc Don called with his KJ.  The turn was a club but the river a brick.  That left Cyndi a short stack.

Mark Winchell with 7500 was all in with 88 vs Kenny O. who rr all in with his 25K with QQ.  Dugg asked for a count and folded his 88.  Ouch.

In the end the final table in order of finish was:

  1. Will Thorne
  2. Mike “Gascard” Collins
  3. Don Dean
  4. Steve Trizis
  5. Derek Worley
  6. Jason Barnett
  7. Chris Hyden
  8. Ken Brown
  9. Cyndi
  10. Dugg





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