Spring League Week 11: Jason Barnett still dominating the leaderboard! He says SorryNotSorry Steve!

Jason Barnett continues to hold the top spot on the leaderboard this season – he has been in first or second place on the season to date leaderboard for 9 of the 11 weeks.    img_6512He has made 9 final tables this season with one 1st (chopped), one 3rd, three 4th place finishes, one 5th, one 6th and a 9th and 10th.  You don’t need to consistently win to be top five on the leaderboard, you just need consistent final tables with a few good finishes.  With 9 weeks left in the league anyone can still move up the leaderboard to the top five at this point — if the people in the current top five let them that is.

Four weeks ago Steve Trizis asked if anyone wanted to do a one on one last longer.  Most of the league politely declined as they knew better, but a new member, Kenny O., who didn’t , and one who should have known better, Derek Csanadi, accepted the challenge.  Since then Steve has finished 3rd, 1st, 4th, and 1st winning all of the last longers he had going.  He has vaulted into 2nd place, and would be in 1st if not for his current season nemesis, Jason, who made a heroic effort this week to hold him at bay.   img_6490Steve declared “Curses, foiled again” and something about “Swimming with the fishes.” when he realized that Jason’s 3rd place finish this week kept Steve from assuming 1st with his chop with week with SuperDave.

Steve is getting a bit of a reputation at Derby Lane by making things happen.  When there was talk of doing a satellite into the main for $1075 at Derby Steve made it img_6439-1happen.  When the players lacking bankrolls or being too fiscally responsible (or with accounting careers so a bit thrifty) felt $1075 was too much to spend on a tournament complained of the cost of the satellite, he called on some favors and suddenly a $160 satellite to the satellite was posted.  img_6437-1Apparently Steve is a pretty powerful guy on the local poker scene.

img_6509Some notable hands this week included Steve’s triple up when his KK>Derek w QQ and Don Dean’s AKxx All in pre-flop.  With a K high flop Steve was well on his way to a first place finish.

img_6514Mike “Gascard” Collins had a rough time early on when Cyndi’s KK> GC 99 for a $7K pot.  Then Rob rivered a set of Kings to beat Gascard’s two pair.  After his third all in Cyndi’s AK>Gascard’s QJ for the knock out.

In another notable hand, Trey cracked Sherry’s AA when he was all in pre-flop with A7dd. He sucked out and won the hand.  b5949c2e-ab85-4e85-9e21-482eb65fc044We think his Mom might have been ashamed of him for playing a hand like that against Sherry who is such a sweet person.  It’s unconscionable.  Highly Inappropriate.  Just plain wrong.  Who does that.  Rumor has it that he said “but they were suited.”

Steve’s hope for Jason sliding down the leaderboard ended when Jason’s 44>Clive’s JK.  Jason turned quads.  Clive’s JJ no good.img_6495

Later Muscle’s AQ > David B’s AK all in preflop when QTQ appeared on the flop.

img_6493Steve finished Clive off when his AA>Clive’s 55, set over set.

In the end the final table in order of finish was:


  1.  Steve Trizis and SuperDave Kaucher CHOP
  2. See above
  3. Jason Barnett
  4. Ken Brown
  5. Trey Harrell
  6. Cyndi Nguyen
  7. Clive Gavin
  8. John Gordon
  9. David Bennett
  10. Derek Csanadi