Part 2 – Week 15 – A chop for Andra & Ryan!

Marv Karlins versus Jim Brinkley Aipf

Victor was all in but no calls

Jim Brinkey had a table change
Ryan Marin was all in – no callers. He showed a flush draw/straight draw

In a miracle hand, Ryan, showing the skills learned in the league, his AA bested Austin’s KK & Chrissy’s QQ


Tina Pridgen> Joe Parrish

Jason > Tina AI on flop

I don’t think Mark wanted to take a picture but Marv won

At the feature table Andra was running great and her TT bested recent SHRPO winner Jim “JDawg” Collins for the knockout!

Jason rivered Austin aipf, AJ>AK

Victor was betting and Ryan wouldn’t fold.

We had our final table!

Victor was all in, but no callers

A huge triple up+ for Jason! Jacob out 9th, Victor 8th!

Runner runner runner – a straight for Dave B and a double up!

Dave Bennett was out 6th when he ran into Ryan’s AA

A chop for Marv & Ryan

Marv was out 5th when Jason’s hand was best

Ryan knocked Joe out in 4th

Andra’s 88>Jason’s KQ for the knockout in 3rd

And it was Andra and Ryan in first chop in points & money! Andra moves up 5 places on the Leaderboard into the top 10 and Ryan moves into 7th!

The final table in order of finish was:

  1. Andra Zachow/Ryan Marin Chop
  2. Chop
  3. Jason Barnett
  4. Joe Parrish
  5. Marv Karlins
  6. Dave Bennett
  7. Jim Brinkley
  8. Jacob Naumann
  9. Victor Iemolo
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