A little late: Part 1 – Week 14 – A win for Dave Bennett!

Early in the night, Chrissy Holubeck had AA and after a 4 bet dream shove by Jim “JDawg” Collins she doubled.

Austin opened 700 with three calls. JDawg was all in on the flop for what was left of his stack, Austin reshoved getting folds from the rest. JDawg turned the 8 for trips only to be sent to the rail when Austin rivered a set of nines!

3way all in on turn
Paul Ladisa J9
Joe Parrish 89
Victor Iemolo AJ
Paul scoops

Meanwhile at the outer table

Doc Brown QJ
Darryl 57
Tina 7x

Next hand
Darryl AJ
Tina A9
Tina hits the 9
Darryl was out

Jim “JDawg” Collins was back and doubled through John Gordon.

Paul A8
Victor 66

Victor was out for the night.

Back at the outer table Doc Brown had KQ
Tina Pridgen KJ

All in on flop, Tina was out!

Jim Brinkley gave John Iemolo a double up!

Then John Iemolo doubled through Jim and then Joe Parrish again!

Andra Zachow, short, tripled up through Joe Parrish and John Gordon- John won the side pot.

Ryan Marin QT
Doc Brown KQ
Aipf 9500
Ryan sucks out

Doc Brown A7
Jake Naumann QQ
Doc jams river
Jake tank called for a big pot!

John Iemolo was all in short and Austin Fowler woke up with a monster. – KK.

Jason Barnett AA
Chrissy (blessed) Holubeck 77

Austin had a full double through John Gordon when he flopped two pair.

Andra’s 55>KK>TT for a triple up! JDawg told her she was #1!

Chrissy AA
Ryan KQ

That’s at least three AA for Chrissy who was a substitute.

We had our final table!

A full double for Jim Brinkley through Dave B

Mark Winchell was our 9th place finisher

Andra was all in with QQ and Jim B, not scared of her huge stack of black chips called with Kx. A King on the flop sent her home.

A double for JDawg through Chrissy

No calls for Jim B.

Doc Brown finished 7th when his A8<Austin’s AK

JDawg’s luck ran out when Dave Bennett’s A hit on the turn. He was out 6th.

In the end, the final table in order of finish was:

1. Dave Bennett

2. Chrissy “Marv” Holubeck

3. Austin Fowler

4. Paul Ladisa

5. Jim Brinkley

6. Jim “JDawg” Collins

7. Donald “Doc” Brown

8. Andra Zachow

9. Mark Winchell

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