Week 12: Hired hands can’t beat Trizis or Brown!

We had a few substitutes for week 12 of the league and they were all practically semi-pro players. Well, locally really good at least. We had league alumnus Kenny O’Donnell (playing for GuamDave Miller) who was disguised as a hippy along with Chris Ooley (playing for Alex Brown) and the developer of the popular poker app, PF Advantage, Chris Williams (Playing for Mark Winchell). Chris was cleverly disguised as a clean shaven man.

Kenny’s 44 rivered a 4 to double up through Clive!
Joe put the pressure on Kenny & Muscles for a big pot!

Clive>John for the knockout!

Chris Ooley>John for another knockout.

Clive’s AQ < Chris 55

After break Chris Ooley was on fire building a huge stack

Jason’s Straight flush doubled him up!

And then again through Steve!

Kenny>Chris O to double up!

Kenny “I love Steve but I root against him on eveey hand”

Steve>Jason for a double

Set over Set Joe>Steve

We had our final table!

Kenny O’Donnell finished 8th after Chris Williams got the knockout!

Doc Brown knocked out Andra when the board counterfeited her hand. She was out 7th.

Steve was putting pressure on the short stacks

Joe was all in preflop and Doc called with K9. With a K9 flop Joe, our current season leader, was out 6th.

This time a K on the river gave Doc the knockout of Chris Ooley who was playing for Doc’s son Alex in 5th place

Steve caught his flush in a big hand with Chris Williams & Doc Brown.
Steve did NOT win a hand

Chris Williams playing for Mark was out 4th when Doc Brown snap called his AIPF

And the there were three…

Steve’s A4>Jason’s A5 to knock Jason out 3rd

In the end it was a chop between Doc Brown & Steve Trizis.

The final table in order of finish was:

1 chop Steve Trizis/Doc Brown

3 Jason Barnett

4 Chris Williams for Mark Winchell

5 Chris Ooley for Alex Brown

6 Joe Parrish

7 Andra Zachow

8 Kenny O’Donnell for Dave Miller