Week 5: Jason & Gene chop on top!

Early in the night Ed v Allen

Allen raised , Ed reraised to 3K. Allen was all in.

Allen had KJ>Ed 99

Then on the next hand Ed shoved AIPF short stacked with 57o Allen called with AK. Ed rivered the 5. #variance

Ed again shoves on an 88 flop. Andrea called – Ed had 89 for a double up. Ed is back in it!

Steve T vs Jerry Silva. Steve held, but it was a sweat.

sherry, after getting low unsuited cards all night finally hit when her KJo> Derek AA. She flopped two pair.

Sherry’s chip up did not last when Jason AJ> Sherry TT

Rob vs Juan. Brutal. Rob had the 99.

Andrea AKss > Ed A5cc

Sherry KT>Jason AQ

Bob AA>Allen KJo

Will QT > Gene A6cc flop A Will shoved. Runner runner runner flush for Will & a double

Sherry doubled thru Jerry

No pic. Rob cracked Steve T’s AA. With 9-10dd. It was determined that Steve played them badly.

Andra A4ss > SuperDave AQo. Andra raised 3x to 3600 SuperDave shoved his 9K. Andra called because Zayba was dealing. Andra called for a 4 & it came on the turn for a double.

Clive AQ> Will A8o Clive had flopped two pair and Will shoved his very short stack.

Andra 88 > Clive AJo

Final Table

Bob AKcc > Sherry 88 for 10th place

Bob A8cc > Clive 23ss for the knockout & 9th place.

Gene AKo> Bob 33

Rob J7dd > Gerry A8o

Allen KQo > Steve A4dd to double

Jason called with his shitty pair of fives over Andra A7o for the knockout In 7th

After Andra stormed out muttering something about variance Jason described the end of the evening via text:

Rob also shared a couple of hands:

“We had a marathon 3 handed finish to the league. We were 3 handed for at least 5 levels. I finished 3rd. Gene & Jason chopped shortly after I busted at around 1:45.”

“Gene knocked me out on board of A99. I had an A and he had a 9. ”

The final table in order of finish was:

1 chop: Jason Barnett & Gene Baurlein

3 Rob Benford

4 Allen Wiseman

5 Bob Scholz

6 Steve Trizis

7 Andra Zachow

8 Gerry Silva

9 Clive Gavin

10 Sherry Wisemann

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