Fall League Week 1: Andra & Allen chop!

The new season of the Elite Tampa Bay poker league at Derby Lane has begun and we have some familiar faces and some new.   Quite a few will be joining next week as well.  With 16 of 21 weeks required to qualify membership is still open for approx. a month to meet that criteria.  A point is earned for each week of play so the sooner the better!  If you are interested please see the about page for details – the spots will fill up fast by next week

Some hands for the week follow:

Tony cracked Matt Trizis’ AA

Muscles Flush over SuperDave JJ

Andra then lost 4300 to Dave. He was All in preflop short stacked after the previous hand and Andra had AK and enough chips.  🤷🏻‍♀️ SuperDave had 88 and flopped the 8

Ed 85> Matt 77

Rob’s nut flush < Fil's  J's full of Aces

Fil then had AJ to knock Sherry out

Later Trey, who had his second Main Event cash for the league this summer, had 55>Jerry’s AT, Muscles folded 88 after checking Trey’s pulse to determine if there were any tells. The fives held.

Then Trey K2ss > Muscles 99

When Steve “The Godfather” Trizis was all in. Everyone folded in fear.

In another hand Trey raised to 2K, john & Steve called. Andra 3bet in bb to 5K and had 2 calls. John calls for an 8 high flop, it came J8x. Andra shoved and they fold and her stack was growing. Later the hole card camera showed her 88. Sh

Allen 88> Trey for a nice chip up.

Allen, on a heater, then had AQ> Clive’s 77

Clive then had 88>Muscles AQhh for the knockout.

We had our final table!

Juan had a much needed Triple up!

Chrissy Kings full > Ed AA. Chrissy asked Marlou “A King please” so he gave her one.  Who could say no to Chrissy?

chrissy’s TT>Bob 88

Fil AK>Ed’s K8

Allen 88>Twitch KJ

Fil, Allen and Andra had substantial stacks – $100Kish give or take when Andra pulled a fast one.  at 2k/4k Andra limped 4K with AA along with several short stacks preflop hoping one of them would shove.  Instead, Fil made the squeeze with his big stack by going All In.  Andra quickly called and doubled up leaving Fil with fumes.

Chrissy and Fil were the only remaining last longer participants and Chrissy, who had given up hope, had a chance.

Allen JJ > CliveA9ss

Allen 55 flop 5<Fil caught a straight

Chrissy Qtcc>A6 Fil

Battling for the last longer, Chrissy dreaded seeing Fil chipping up his stack.

Allen 55>Chrissy K8cc and Fil won the last longer.

Allen’s KT> Fil’s QT leaving Allen and Andra heads up

By 1:20am, getting nowhere and with somewhat close stacks, Andra and Allen decided that they were too old for this s&$% and decided to chop and head home.

The final table in order of finish was:

Andra Zachow/Allen Wiseman chopped 1st

Fil Khavin 3rd

Chrissy Holubeck 4th

Clive Gavin 5th

Twitch Anderson 6th

Ed Sojack 7th

Bob Scholz 8th

Juan DaCosta 9th

Tony Antonious 10th