Jacob Naumann reps the TBEPL in the Millionaire Maker!

Hurry! Go online to WSOP.com for our virtual rail for Jacob! It’s day 4 today -Tues June 11 -and he started the day 6/34 in chips. They’ll play down to 6 and the final table will be live streamed.

Jacob has promised to update his chip counts on breaks.

Jocob’s a pro with a highly successful run in 2018 & seems to be duplicating that in 2019.

Frankly I want to watch the live stream tomorrow so I can see his hole cards! 😆

Our local hero laddered up with a 18th place finish. Jacob says he’s saving his first bracelet for the Main Event.

Photo courtesy of Darryl Woodruff who is out their with Ed Sojack hopefully providing a live rail!

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