11 2019 WSOP Main Event packages awarded for Fall/Spring !!!!

17 2019 WSOP Minor Event Packages awarded for Fall/Spring !!!!

Here’s the list of the Players we are sending to the 2019 WSOP to play to represent our league.   League members who qualified each season will have a share of 10% of their season’s winners’ WSOP cashes in event they won through the league.   We will update for the remaining Spring freeroll winners next week.

We will be blogging throughout the series with pictures, stories, and notable moments.  Keep an eye on the blog, updates on facebook,  or subscribe to the blog to get the latest info on the winners, other league alumni and Tampa Bay notables!!! If you want to share a pic or story during the WSOP text it to Steve or Andra.

Our Tampa Bay Elite Poker League Main Event winners are:

1. Steve (aka The Godfather) Trizis 139 Points.

Steve manages the TB Elite Poker League and is a notable Tampa Bay Area tournament player.  He’s cashed the Main Event two times which paid off for the league members last year (he won a seat each season!) and is planning on a big win his year. Steve’s published results show almost $300k in tournament winngins.   What I’m saying is, we have a chance!

2. Kenny O’Donnell (aka The Merry Mad Man) 117 Points.

Mainly a notable Tampa Bay area high stakes cash player, Kenny ran over the league most of the season with his strong play.  Kenny has published lifetime earnings in tournaments of more than $80K and he expects no less than a final table finish in the Main Event this year.


2. Trey Harrell (Fedor) 117 points

Trey Harrell may have been the youngest player at the 2018 WSOP when he won a Main Event seat last year playing in the League at age 21.   His Mom, Marie, has set an example as a solid notable poker player.  Trey is following in her footsteps.  He was at a table three betting Phil Ivey while she looked on with pride at the 2018 WSOP.  Trey cashed and passed on 10% to the league.  We’re expecting big things from our Fedor look-alike.   Trey has almost $60k of published tournament winnings in the short time that he has been playing.

Trey articleTrey phil iveytrey with Kenny shirt

4. Darryl Woodruff (Fear the Beard)105 Points

Darryl had a deep run making Day four and finishing 20th in the  2018 WSOP Monster Stack that he entered representing the league last year.  Darryl is hoping to duplicate or best his 2018 results in his very first WSOP Main Event this year.  You may think he’s playing 4-5 off suit when he three bets you, but chances are he could have something else.  You don’t even know.  Darryl has almost $50K of published earnings, mostly in the last year.  If you are in Vegas join the rail, it will be a wild ride!

5. Rob Benford (The Professor) 101 Points

Rob cashed the Main Event last year representing the league and has been a consistent top finisher each season.  Rob is a notable Tampa Bay Area player who frequents the SHR Tampa as well as Derby Lane.  Rob has almost $40K of published tournament winnings with much of it over the last year or so after gaining some top skills playing in the TBEPL.  Rob likes sunsets and long walks on the beach in his free time when he’s not playing poker and teaching at USF.


5. John Gordon (Muscles) 101 Points

John Gordon is a notable poker player not only in the Tampa Bay Area but at big events throughout the country.  John’s published tournament winnings total over $1.3 Million.  Yeah he’s good. Very good.  Having John represent the league at this year’s WSOP is a dream come true.  John gained 99% of his skills playing in the TBEPL, before the league even started.  John enjoys fine wines, sunsets and long walks on the beach in his spare time.

John gordon

7. Ed Sojack (the Drug Trafficker) 99 Points

Ed has been a tough opponent in the League these past few seasons and has been rewarded with his first WSOP Main Event entry.   Ed has been playing poker for years playing stud and Omaha before adding NLH and crushing it.   Ed’s published tournament winnings total almost $20K but he’s cashed many events prior to the time that publishing results became commonplace.  Ed’s style is well suited for the Main Event and we expect a cash for him!

Tampa Bay Elite Poker League 2019 Social_Jan 17-2019-26

Dave (Super Dave) Kaucher 99 Points

SuperDave Kaucher has been playing poker in the league for several seasons but the Fall League was the big one where he won his WSOP Main Event seat. This will be Dave’s first Main Event and he’s going to frustrate the players at his table to no end.  He’s not called SuperDave for no reason.

Tampa Bay Elite Poker League 2019 Social_Jan 17-2019-23

7. Landon Brown (The Kid) 99 Points

Landon Brown, who moved to Florida from Washington State, was new to the league this Spring season.  Landon has been crushing it for the last year and a half starting with plenty of cashes in Vegas before settling in the Tampa Bay Area and continuing his run good.  In little more than a year, Landon’s published earnings are more than $82k.  This is Landon’s first WSOP Main Event – probably the first of many.


10. Steve Zaritsky (Z-man) 95 Points

Steve Zaritsky is a solid player who made consistent final tables leading to his Main Event seat win in the TBEPL.  Steve is looking forward to his first WSOP Main Event and plans on cashing based on his solid and patient style of play which is well suited to that event.  When he’s not in the poker room Steve enjoys sunsets and long walks on the beach with his wife in his free time.

Tampa Bay Elite Poker League 2019 Social_Jan 17-2019-21

11. Playing for Peter K 105 Points (unable to go)


Jacob Naumann (The Finisher)

We are lucky to have Jacob playing for the league on behalf of Peter K who couldn’t attend the WSOP this year.  Jacob is a professional player with published tournament winnings of more than $350K, much of it in recent years.  Jacob is a force to be reckoned with and his skill, gained in the TBEPL of course, should allow him to cash the Main Event this year.  Perhaps we’ll see him on the televised final table and we can finally see his hole cards?


Michael Collins (Gascard)

What can we say about Gascard?  Michael Collins had a great run last year and has played in the league for several seasons.  Michael has substantial published tournament winnings and this is a great opportunity to share his winnings in the Main Event.


Following is the list of the players who won a seat in a $1500 WSOP Event in The 2019 WSOP. Prize includes $1000 traveling money too.  This will be updated for the Spring Freeroll winners next week.

1. Jacob Naumann

2. Jacob Naumann (yes he won twice)

3. Kenny O’Donnell (He also won the main package)

4. Fil Khavin

5. Josh Harrison

6. Marv Karlins

7. Allen Wiseman

8. Eugene Bauerlein

9. Andra Zachow

10. Bill McKown

11. Chrissy Holubek

12. Tammy Leonard

13. Herb Woodbery

14. Matt Trizis

15 Jason Barnett

Plus seats were awarded this past Thursday 5/30:

Chrissy $2500 (again!)

Ann $2500

Rob $2500 (plus his Main last season!)

Doc $2000 (plus his $2500!)

Karl $540

What a fantastic league.

With such an elite group going, you can understand why we are the premier league in the Tampa Bay Area. We will be starting again in July. If you are interested in getting on the list, just talk to any member. We are also going to be starting a daytime league on Wednesdays at DerbyLane also in July