Week 16: How do you win the league? Late Reg every week (according to Pete K).

Pete K was on top again this week after chopping first with Joe Parrish.  He has determined that if he shows up on time he doesn’t final table but if he registers fairly late he does.  He came late this week.  Chrissy is attempting to take this even further by registering but not showing up to play until just before the final table.  It has worked for her twice but the third time was not a charm this week as she was not able to play a hand before her chips were gone.  She did outlast more than half of the field.  Jacob Naumann, a well known player with lucrative top finishes at the national level in recent months, and Rob Benford who represented the League and cashed in the Main Event this past summer, are still running hot and  finished 3rd and 4th this week moving up to 4th and 2nd place on the leaderboard respectively.  There will be five Main Event seats rewarded this season, and they are still definitely up for grabs with five weeks left,  but if the top four stay in that position at the end the league will be represented well and we could all share a piece of a kazillion dollars.  Or 8 million.  Something like that.

Some notable hands on Thursday follow:

Jason shoved AJcc into Dugg’s AA. With 99 & an A on the turn Jason ran into the luck o’the Dugg.  Sometimes it seems Dugg can’t lose.  Just saying


Gascard, oddly, ran very well early and knocked Andra out when his A4o>KJo.

He then knocked Gary out His 3-3. Vs Gary KQxx

At the feature table Darryl AQ vs Kenny K-J

All in preflop a straight flush saved Sherry  vs Joe Parrish. His nut flush was no good and they chopped the pot.  Ouch.



Chrissy was out in a 3 way all in Rob > Gascard > Chrissy



We have a final table!

On the 1st hand of the final table Rob tripled up.


In the end however, the final table in order of finish was:

  1.  Pete “Late reg” K and Joe “watch out” Parrish (chop)
  2. (see above)
  3. Jacob “Better than Helmuth” Naumann
  4. Rob “The Professor” Benford
  5. Kenny “Leapfogging up the Leaderboard” O’Donnell
  6. Pete “Slow and steady wins the race” DeCalmo
  7. SuperDave Kaucher
  8. Steve “Watch out Steve Z” Trizis
  9. Dugg “Andra’s Nemesis” Hadden
  10. Marvin “Duckman” Karlins