Week 17: It’s ladies night! Andra gets the win after four ladies final table. #girlpower

Week 17 was a fine example of the saying “it’s not over ’til it’s over.”  After this week there are four remaining weeks of the season – that translates to 64 potential points in img_0248addition to the weekly attendance point.  Any player can still win a package and some players are continuing to move up the leaderboard including Andra, who with a win this week, moved from 16th to 11th.  Ed came in second and moved from 11th to 6th.

The knockouts started early this week when, possibly in the first level, Gascard was out first when Darryl “sucked out” (according to Gascard).

Tina shoved 56hh and Derek W, snap called with a Full House. Tina was chasing a straight flush but in the end bricked.img_0181

With her short stack of 2400 Tina shoved two hands later AIPF with AQo & Jason was the only caller with AKo. With 2 Aces on the board Tina did not improve & was out.

Steve Z limped 300, Andra called with AJss & Brian, oddly, raised to 1500. Steve & Andra called. Two spades flopped & Brian shoved about 10K. Steve reluctantly folded & Andra called for most of her stack. Brian had red KQ on a board that had bricked. He then turned the K but Andra rivered a spade for the knockout.

img_0183Jason raised to 1K and Steve Z called with TT & Andra called in the BB.

Flop had TT but Steve Z was stealth & kept checking. Jason & Andra & saw through his ruse & he won the minimum with quads.

Pete K arrived late dressed as a businessman (apparently no one told him Halloween was last month). Derek W shove AJo and Pete smooth called the all in with QQ.  J got there but not enough for Derek to improve. Pete K showed us why he is #1 on the leaderboard.

Kenny was getting short & shoved. Tammy called Q7>Kenny AJ flopped a Q7 and Kenny was out.


On a J high flop, 4 ppl in it checked to the Duckman. He shoved 16K+ with an open ended straight draw and Andra called with her AJ for the knockout. He’s headed to Hollywood to win something bigger this weekend.


Pete KK > Pete D AK


Tammy>Fil QTss>A8o

On a limp pot Tammy raised to 4300, 2 calls & Pete K shoved. Only Steve Z called, a bit short

. Pete K KK> Steve Z

Jason & Barry both ss, Barry AIPF, Jason calls for less & Tammy calls.

Jason A5hh>Barry TT>Tammy ATcc

Chrissy AA> Jason QQ

Barry shoved AQdd with a ss. Tammy called with A8 and Barry doubled

Edie shoved AKdd Tammy called

Edie doubled

Tammy 88=Pete K 88

Pete K aipf AA>AJss Edie

Tammy 88>Pete K KK she rivered an 8 (his third KK) to finally get the knockout, but Pete, with his final table finish this week, is now solidly in 1st on the leaderboard with over 100 points and four weeks left.

BarryA5cc>QJo Ed turned the club flush

It’s Another ss double

Chrissy is bb with not enough for the Ante

She quadruples up when four diamonds on the board give her the nut flush

Tammy ATo<Ed 66 he flopped a set & she shoved – Ed got the knockout and a huge stack of chips.


Andra AQ>Edie 9Tss for the knock out.

Barry JTss> Ed 88


Andra KQcc> Barry for the knock out bringing the table down to two:  Ed and Andra


In the end it was #girlpower, Andra took it down when her A2>Ed’s Q2.  When an A came on the river she checked and Ed went for the bluff and shoved! Andra called and won it all.  This is her first win in the league though she’s had several 2nd/3rd finishes and final tables!


Ed was a good sport and posed for a 2nd place picture too!


In the end the final table in order of finish was:

  1.  Andra Zachow
  2.  Ed Sojack
  3. Barry Bovee
  4. Edie Jo Norman
  5. Tammy Leonard
  6. Chrissy Holubeck
  7. Peter K
  8. Jason Barnett
  9. Steve Z
  10. Fil Khavin