Week 13: The Wisemans chop and Allen shares the Leaderboard with Pete K!

Darryl was leaving as some arrived – he lost with 2 pair so not a good start to the evening.

Brian DeCosmo tried to continue his hot streak from last week against Sherry but instead lost his stack early to her when he called her all in with a flush draw & missed.  It is fortunate for him that he did miss as she may have gone off on him if he had made it.img_9610

Sherry was running great all evening – right after taking Brian’s stack  Peter K shoved into her straight & had a short night too.


While Sherry was pummeling the feature table, there was some excitement over at the out table when 3s vs 4s ended with 3 on river.

img_9783Sherry did have one hand that didn’t work out but it was Steve “bad karma” Trizis’ fault.  Sherry’s set of Jacks did not hold up against Edie when she rivered a straight – right after Steve declared Sherry the winner before the river.



Bill McKown chipped up with 88> Edie’s AQ. She flopped top pair top kicker  but he flopped a set to knock her out.  He shoved & she called even though he is known to be one of the tighter players in the league.


There was some confusion in a hand between Juan DaCosta and Barry Bovee.  Barry was getting a bit short stacked when Juan with 66 flopped a set. Barry  pushed most of his chips in – giving the appearance of being all in – but there were actually two small stacks of 100s behind his hands.  He never declared all in.  Juan, in his enthusiasm, said call and pushed out a much bigger stack and flipped over his pocket sixes.  It was determined to be just a call and after then next card Barry folded.  It was still a big hand for Juan but Barry was still alive.  Barry ended up out shortly after.

Juan played well and chipped up all night for a strong final table finish for 2 of the last 3 weeks.

Andra did not make it to a final table yet again this week when her JTss <Bill 56ss when he turned straight. Andra bet fairly large on the flush draw flop and all but Bill folded.  Bill had a flush draw and open ended straight draw and wasn’t going anywhere.  Bill bet big on the turn and Andra, with not much behind, called.  With no spade on the river Andra was out.

Once the players were down to two tables Derek Csanadi’s QQ were better than Tina A-K to chip him up.  Tina has had a great run this season whenever she has an A so it was quite an accomplishment for Derek and part of why he made the final table this week.

img_9787-1Steve Trizis had KK vs Mo’s A-3xx on a scary straight draw board when Mo shoved into Steve’s trip Kings. It was a 40K pot but Mo was still in after Steve took the pot.

Seat 1 (Pete DeCalmo) had 1010 (winner), Chrissy had AQ, Jason had QQ, Derek had 10J on this board: Jd9cTdAc4s
img_9836Steve Trizis missed the final table when he got it in with AK vs Doc 10-10 and Juan’s JJ. Juan’s JJ held and Steve bubbled  11th.

In the end the final table in order of finish was:

1. Sherry & Allen (chop)(he must have promised to do all of the kitchen painting)

3. Juan DaCosta

4. Bill Mckown

5. Derek Csanadi

6. Gary Hummel

7. Pete DeCalmo

8. Steve Zalinsky

9. Jacob Naumann

10. Marv Karlins

If you look at the current leaderboard you will see that anyone can still win a Main package – there are 8 weeks of play left and, although Peter K and Allen are on top, there is no clear runaway winner at this point.  Ie.  Steve T and Jason still have a chance!!



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