WSOP Day 1C: Let’s see some fireworks at the Rio!

Steve Trizis, Cindy Nguyen (aka Thuy Beltran), Trey Harrell, & Mike Collins are ready to go & show Vegas why the TBEPL has the best of the best!

After John Gordon’s 150K+ finish in flight 1b they all have a goal!

If you are in the area go give them your support!

Update 3:30 (dinner break)

Mike 80K

Steve 75K

Cindy 56K

Trey 46K

Cyndi made a great fold:

“1hrs before the break

Limp qjs 3callers short stack shove all in 4100

Blind 200_ 400 1 guy instant call,

I told myself fold dont fall in love with the hand, so I let go

Flop q72 two spade I had top pairs with a flush draw is i played it will be end

Awesome fold turn 3s river Qd

Guy had set 77 he fill up took the guys out I got away”

End of day results: everyone in the league has a bag and is going to their day twos!

Steve Trizis 88,500

Trey 77,000

Cyndi 25,000

Gascard 15,000 (approx)

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