WSOP Flight 1B: Rob, Jason & Derek up to bat! Go team!!!

TBEPL Members Rob Benford, Jason Barnett, and Derek Csanadi are representing the league today at the Main Event! If you are in the area go show your support! Other league alumni playing today include Marie Harrell Tampa Bay notable John Gordon & Mark “Rat Bastard” Wiser. #LFG

Dinner break on Day 1B of the Main Event. Play resumes at 8:28pm. Today’s field is officially at 2,381 players.

Gotdon 100K, Barnett 67K, Csanadi 35K, Wiser 46K

Benford 71K

Final results:

Rob Benford made it to Day 2 of the WSOP Main Event (restart on Thursday). Bagged $117,500 from a starting stack of 50k. Jason Barnett bagged 57,800. John Gordon 151,000 (wtg!!!!)(partial rep for league). League Alum Mark “Bud” Wiser 62,900.

Next up: Day 1C

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