Week 16: Joe Continues to Dominate the League!

Early in the evening Andra three bet AQ to doc’s initial 500 raise to 1500. Mike “Gascard” Collins called. Flop QX9. Andra shoved and Gascard snaps 99 sending Andra back to the window. Gascard substituted for Chrissy Holubeck during week 16.

Jason Barnett was all for less than 5K in level 3 and Guest Substitute (aka hired gun) for Chrissy Michael “Gascard” Collins called with AKss. Jason turned over ADKx and 4 flushed for a double up!

Steve’s cards are face down in this 3way AI

Andrea Ruosi was all in & all out when Gascard’s Q high held!

Jason was all in right before the end of rebuy and Andrea called- a chop. It’s like kissing your sister 🤮

And Steve (aka Tom Clemens) was out!

Alex was all in and Andrea called for the knockout AQ>KQ (bad beat story: Andra folded 66 after the flop)

A double for Jason!

Joe AQ
SuperDave KT

Jason =Doc AK

Doc 77>Andra AA runner runner runner runner diamonds 🤮 on the final table bubble.

Andreas 89
Gascard AK

Gascard out 8th

After being crippled Flush > Set by Clive

Tina KT
Dave B 8T

Tina out 7th

Mark was out 6th & Clive 5th

Andreas out 4th. He pushed with A8 on button for 30k. Joe called with 88 in bb and held.

In the last hand of the evening Dave Bennett had 89o..Doc Brown had A8 on 783-10 board. Doc pushed Dave called..6 on River. Doc out 3rd. Dave Bennett (Playing for GuamDave Miller) and Joe Parrish chop with even chips

The final table in order of finish was:

1 Chop Joe Parrish/Dave Miller (Bennett)

3 Doc Brown

4 Andrea Ruosi

5 Clive Gavin

6 Mark Winchell

7 Tina Pridgen

8 Chrissy Holubeck (Gascard)

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