League on Temporary Hiatus

👍🏻 To all Elite League players:

Due to the Corona Virus and the need to avoid being around too many people we will be suspending league play for at least the next 2 weeks. We will re-evaluate at that time on how to proceed. Some of the ideas being floated around when we restart are

1. Try and make up the days missed by adding an extra day(s) at the end.

2. Try and make up the days missed by playing twice in the same week.

3. In addition to our current one substitute player policy we would allow use of substitute players for any extended dates required to meet our 21 weeks of play in case you have a conflict that would prevent you from playing at these currently unscheduled days. How you arrange the buy in/weekly winnings with that substitute is at your own discretion, but I would suggest splitting any cash won by the substitute to encourage the use of one of necessary.

We will codify what exactly we will be doing after discussing with everyone the best way forward. Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas you may have. We have some pretty sharp players in this league, and I’m sure everything will work out fine.