Week 3: New member Paul Mastella bests returning prior season WSOP seat winner, Barry Jacobs!

Week three of the Elite Tampa Poker League is complete and one player has jumped ahead of the pack: Barry Jacobs.  With a chop for 1st during week one and a 2nd place finish this week it seems like Barry is on his way to winning another Main Even seat.  Barry won a seat about two years ago and represented the league at the WSOP. The winner this week, however, was Paul Mastella. Paul is a fellow educator with Barry and the two seemed to be having their own private battle all night-possibly for some kind of bragging rights?

Note that registration is still open for those interested in joining the league.  We play each Thursday at  6:30 PM at Derby lane.  Go to the “about” page for full info.


There was Nothing exciting for the first level so here’s a chop

Steve=Clive with A7.  And we used to think they were good players….

Pre-2nd Bullet

Barry then got the knockout with  AK>Steve A6

Shortly after Steve’s bust Doc B KQ>Clive 88 for another knockout

Doc B AK> Darryl A9 for the knockout

Doc B KK>Dugg K5

At the outer table new members

Paul Mastella 99> Matt McGinnis’ KK.  Matt limped the KK with unfortunate results.

Clive K9>Doc B 88 to double up

Dave 88> Clive KT for the knockout

Dave 73>Doc B AT

Andra KK > Steve AQ

At the outer table Dinner Dave goes all in pre-flop with pocket aces and Marv calls with king queen.  KKA on flop

Muscles vs Ed All in preflop.  Muscles flops set of 8s.  Ed rivers set of 10s to knock him out

Duckman AJ> Doc B J9

Ed Sojack Vs Ed V. All in after flop

Andrea was the final table bubble after Ed V allegedly “stole his chips” according to the outer table. Andrea said raise and apparently misspoke the amount, Ed V shoved & Andrea was stuck in the pot for more than anticipated.

We had our final table! (Oops-took the pic after Eric busted)

Barry AA>Eric AK for the knockout in 10th Place

Dave B QQ>Gabby’s AT for a much needed double all in pre flop

Gabby, substituting for Jacob Naumann while he crushes huge tournaments, has a big tower of chips in front of her.

img_0350She’s offered to substitute for anyone else who needs to boost their points. She says the she taught Jake everything he knows.

Dugg > Dave B for the knockout

This is 3/3 final tables for this season!

Duckman AK> Paul AJ to double up!

Barry 77>Dugg KT, Dugg out 8th


Marv KJ>Ed V A9 for a double up!

Duckman KK> Andra KJ♣️♣️   Andra has made 3 final tables during the first 3 weeks.  She’s awesome.

The tournament ended with a BATTLE ROYALE!

In the end, the final table in order of finish was:

1 Paul Mastella

2 Barry Jacobs

3 Jacob (Gabby) Naumann

4 Marv “Duckman” Karlins

5 Ed Vanlandingham

6 Andra Zachow

Andra started at the tables at a very young age..

7 Ed Sojack

8 Dugg Hadden

9 Dave Bennett

10 Eric Buel