Week 1: OMG It’s FALL LEAGUE and we have TOP AREA PLAYERS !!!

Week one of the week is complete and week two, Tuesday 8/10 is ready to go!!! We have 3 weeks of registration left including 8/10 – go to http://www.tampabaypoker.com/about for the full details! You get a point each week for attendance so it’s best to join before the last chance!!

We were excited to welcome Karl Man who may be partnering with long time member Clive Gaving duringweek 1. Clive was excited to find out the results for sure!

We’ll be welcoming Aaron Thivyanathan this season who is teaming with Juan Rodriguez, both of the well known group LFGO! They are masters of the game! We also have a few more who have committed to play in addition to the 32 players who played this week. It looks like another lucrative Main Event seat season. We had 7 players from Fall 2022 play the Main event this summer and 8 from the Spring season.

Below is a synopsis of the first week action!!!

Shawn O’Brien helped Darryl Woodruff out when he was short…

Shawn was short and Ed Vanlandingham was the beneficiary

Darryl was all in short yet again for 2600. Andra called and Rob jammed for most of Andra’s chips. Andra tank folded thinking she was ahead preflop but Rob flipped over QQ to win the hand.

A straight flush for Ed!

Juan DaCosta could not beat Cecil Riddle’s hand.

Hmmmmm, who could this possible be? Yes, at the outer table the Duckman has rejoined the league this season.

Twitch “Flushy” had a flush! Usually others get the flush when he’s in the hand (thus the Nickname)

First time league member Rob Cotto doubled through Dugg Hadden

At an outer table

John Gordon vs Nick Zivolich. Nick played the Main Event this summer after winning a seat last year.

Austin Fowler folded JJ preflop showed

Rob hit his set but Karl Man (Carl Jr due to the short chair) four flushed him.

Ed was all in vs Karl with AQcc. No wait – three clubs on the flop & Ed was out!

Twitch Anderson was all in for 5K & doubled through Mo Maher

Jim “JDawg” Collins>Mo Maher for the knockout.

Joe Parrish, all in, hit his set with JJ>Dugg Hadden’s AK. Joe Parrish won Fall season last year and cashed the Main Even for the league this summer.

Twitch was all in for 18k with Mike Ozer & John “MUSCLES” Gordon calling. John jammed the flop and Mike called. John more than doubled an Twitch’s 66 was no good and he finished 9th.

Huge hand for Dugg-check out the video!

In the end it was local notable Karl Man chopping first place with Dugg Hadden!!! Week two is tonight, who will win it? Will anyone be 2/2? HUGE GAME TONIGHT!!!!

The final table in order of finish was:

1. Dugg Hadden/Karl Man chop

2. Chop

3. Cecil Riddle

4. Mike Ozer

5. John “Muscles” Gordon

6. Jim “JDawg” Collins

7. Eric Klatt

8. Steve Trizis

9. Scott “Twitch” Anderson

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