Week 6: Dan Johnson’s Slow & Steady Wins the Race

We had a couple visitors this week with Kevin Ragusa playing for Shawn O’Brien & Susan Tolson for Jason Barnett.

Following are some notable hands

At the feature table Andra Zachow was all in early after a multiway pot with Joe Parrish and Leo Govoni , each with a 5k chip+ in the pot. Joe folded to Leo’s bet and Andra called all in. Andra was out and Leo scooped.

Cecil Riddle won this one ….a lot of all ins going on

The feature table was a MADHOUSE early. Couldn’t keep up with the jams!

Jim Collins jammed a bunch of hands declaring he was going to keep jamming. He said he was in “Fuck it” mode! This hand was a chop with Dan Johnson.

Juan Dacosta’s 78cc>Leo’s AK for the knockout

At the outer table John “Muscles” Gordon vs Jason Barnett’s Sub Susan Tolson.

A double for Chrissy Holubeck with KK>Jim “Fuck it” Collins

And Dan Johnson took the rest of Jim’s “soldiers”as Jim called them!

A double for Leo knocking out Aaron Thivyanathan

At the outer table 😳 Steve found out his two pair on the flop (62) was third best!

Walt Rossi KK> Muscles QQ Walt doubled.

A double for Juan via John Gordon after

Cecil out when AIPF & Rob flopped the flush

Final Table

Final Table

Dugg Hadden AA> Karl Man AK
Karl 9th

Leo AK > Steve Deloach AJ
Steve 8th

Mark Winchell finished 7th 77< A9o

Eric Klatt TT> Austin Fowler A7o
Austin 6th

Leo K7>Dugg AK
Leo doubled
Dugg AK > Leo A8
Dugg doubled
Dan Johnson AQ> Eric A4
Eric Klatt 5th
Walt AK> Dugg A5
Dugg Hadden 4th
Leo QJ> Walt AT
Walt Rossi 3rd
Dan J8> Leo A9
Leo Govoni 2nd

Who won?

In the end Dan Johnson, who consistently built his stack all night, took it down! Congrats Dan!

With this final table finish new member Eric Klatt is now tied for first place on the season leaderboard with Karl Man of team Karl/Clive. Dan Johnson is only one point behind them holding 3rd place.

With 14 weeks left in the season there are still 144 final table points to win so anyone can spin it up and dominate this season. Several times we’ve had players do nothing for 10 weeks and then run it up to win a WSOP Main Event seat!

Can Karl maintain his lead? Will Dan pull ahead? New member Leo Govoni is a wild card, will he get another top finish and move up? Will members be in Tampa at the HR Signature series and have subs allowing some others to win?

Staytuned for the next episode of the Elite Tampa Bay Poker League!

The week six winners were:

1. Dan Johnson

2. Leo Govoni

3. Walt Rossi

4. Dugg Hadden

5. Eric Klatt

6. Austin Fowler

7. Mark Winchell

8. Steve Deloach

9. Karl Man