Spring Season 2023 Results

WINTER/SPRING 2023 WEEK 20 of 20

StandingsPlayerQualified Member*Total PointsWeeks PlayedWeek 20 finish
1- Trophy/SeatTeam Chrissy “Thankful” Holubeck/GingerDave Miller$9820
1 – Trophy/SeatPeter “Vesuvius” Pompeii$9819
3 – Seat“Red Hat” David Menosky$95209
4 – SeatClayton Phelps$91204
5 – SeatTeam Nick Scholz/Jim GDog Collins$8719
6 – SeatTeam Steve “The Godfather” Trizis/Matt Trizis$86207
7 – SeatMo “Lucky” Maher$85201
7 – SeatTeam Trey Harrell/Josh Harrison$8520
9Mark Winchell$84205
10Austin Fowler$67182
11Christian Ramsey$66178
12Darryl “Fear the Beard” Woodruff$5820
13Barbara Cardin$5619
14Robert Winsler$5519
15George Imes$5120
15Jason “The Boxer” Barnett$51196
15Peggy “Tig” Winsler$5119
18Cy Frederick/Jason Palacios$5017
18Jackie Torro-Rivers$5018
20Thang Phu$4918
21Tom “Don’t you know who I am” McDonald$4618
22Marie Harrell$4517
23Todd Rivers$3718
24Craig Rice 3616
25Walt Rossi$35173
26Andra Zachow$3419
26Jacob Naumann$3417
28Michael Ozer$2217
29Marsha “Pickleball Champion” Wolak 2011
30Ricardo Arriaga Gutierrez 135
31Tina Pridgen 97 
32Jeff Ferrara 44 
33Dave Bennett 22 
33Donny Campell 22 
33John “Muscles” Gordon 22 
33Brian Fuchs 22

Click and open the spreadsheet “TBEPL Spreadsheet” above for details of your points, attendance, and league funds. For the current standings look above and at the other spreadsheet tabs for week by week standings as the season continues. For details of each weekly tournament and the weekly winners, check out the recent updates/blog which will be shared on twitter @eliteTBpoker and via our Elite Tampa Bay Poker League Facebook page. You may find out that you are the story of the week – and we do take liberties!

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