Spring League Week 19: A chop this week for Rob and Chris! Don Dean moves back to the top 5!

No Jason.  No Steve.  They were at the league this week but no final table for either of them.  They are already guaranteed a Main package so it was actually kind of them just to be there.img_7244

Allen was having some great hands and had a third place finish this week.  Mark had A-T when Allen had A-Q.  Later Trey ran QQ into Allen’s AA All in pre flop.  Allen held.

The next hand Steve’s A-10>Derek’s A-Kdd.  Derek flopped top pair, Steve rivered a straight or as Derek said “he sucked out.”

img_7329Later Cindy’s 77 > Steve’s A-Jss was  rather disappointing for Steve.

When the table was down to the final four and the blinds were 2500/5000, John Gordon made it 20K to go.  Rob, the short stack with less than 8 bigs, defended his big blind with an all in.  John called and turned over AJ off dominating Rob’s A8 suited.  Rob was drawing dead to the 8 until he picked up a gut shot on the turn.  He looked straight at Muscles and called for a 5 (mimicking an earlier exchange when John called for a 3 when he wasn’t in the hand which Cyndi then hit to suck out on Don).  The 5 peeled off sending John into a diatribe Helmuth style berating Rob for his “horrible” play which he repeated several times until he was out shortly after in 4th.   img_6457

A little later Allen’s luck ran out when he and Rob got all of their chips in the middle when Rob flopped a straight holding QT against Allen’s AA which he had slow played preflop. The J98 flop crippled Allen who went out a couple of hands later in 3rd.

That gave Rob the chip lead over Chris who had dominated the final table.  Chris offered a chop, but Rob said he wanted to play on.  Rob and Chris got it all in preflop shortly after with Rob’s 10s dominating Chris’ 4s until the 4 flopped putting Chris back in the lead. A few hands later Rob agreed to Chris’ chop offer.img_6638-1

Rob wore his “I’m not dead yet” t-shirt for the first time this season and that is definitely the case now.  With this chop/win Rob is in 13th place 7 points from the top ten.  A decent final table finish next week could boost Rob to a minor package.

There is one more week this weason and the top 14 players are still in contention for a seat.  Only Jason and Steve have locked up the Main packages so week 20 will definitely be a good one!!!  After tomorrow – week 20 – there will still be a freeroll for the remaining players who do not win at least a minor by tomorrow.

In other news Tampa Bay Elite notable (or notorious?) alumnus Marvin “Duckman” Karlins just released his newest book “A Chip & a Prayer” which is available now on Amazon.


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The final table in order of finish for week 19 was:

  1.  Chris Hyden and Rob Benford (Chop)
  2. See above
  3. Allen Wiseman
  4. John Gordon
  5. Don Dean
  6. Kenny O’Donnell
  7. Derek Csanadi
  8. Cyndi Nguyen
  9. Clive Gavin
  10. Tom Clements
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