Week 12: Omgggg Caymus!!!


That was the excitement this week when Steve, after a Royal Flush last week (not during league fortunately for him), brought some of the highly rated Caymus Cabernet to inebriate his toughest opponents and keep his top spot this week.  In case you didn’t know, it’s Chrissy’s favorite.

We’ve had some notable changes this week – the top two remain the same – Steve and Tonia (Who missed the Bucs game just to be at the League), but Barry and Derek have flipped places in 3rd and 4th.  img_4455Don Dean jumped up 7 places from 12 to 5 after burglarizing (a new poker term coined this season by SuperDave) Don Anderson’s chips when they got it all in on a 3-8-J board.  DD had 9T, DA had KJ. On the next hand it was all in pre-flop again between the Dons – DA had TT, DD A9, DD rivered the Ace after DA declared that “Don Dean is going to river an Ace”.

Other notable increases in the standings are Dave Bennett jumping up ten spots to #14  after taking a lot of Art’s chips with J-4 on a A-J-4 board (Art had the Ace) and Darryl up 8 to #18 after Andra made a bad all in move with bottom pair “because he could have anything” (again Wine).  Reno moved up two spots despite Andra surprising him with a 69dd that caught two pair with a $15K pot.  She said that she has been playing that hand ever since Steve said it was his favorite – and hey, he’s in first place so who’s to argue that?  8a9de2ba-0098-4fab-ada7-a2f7de74cec9


There were several Aces cracked this week including Steve’s God like performance against Paul Margarone’s AA and Derek had his AA cracked as well against a set of Kings – trying to remember who did that, feel free to pipe in and take credit.

Andra inadvertently slow rolled John Gordon when she shoved AK after the turn after she flopped top pair with the K. Neither flipped their cards after she shoved and John called (after that delicious Camus she was a bit buzzed and forgot to flip them and nobody requested it).  She rivered the A to make two pair and take most of Gordon’s chips.  He did say she was classy which she took as a compliment.

Chrissy made her fourth final table after waiting and waiting and waiting quietly and patiently for a hand.  After quite a few shoves she was rewarded.

The top finishers this week were:

  1. Steve “Luck Box” Trizis and Don “Not Anderson” Dean
  2. (chopped first above)
  3. Dave Bennett
  4. Darryl Woodruff
  5. Ken Brown
  6. Barry Jacobs
  7. Chrissy “I love Caymus” Holubeck
  8. Reno
  9. Carmine
  10. Dugg Hadden