Week 11: John Muscles his way to a first place finish and Steve is back on top!

elite 11 5

John Gordon was the first place finisher this week – no chopping for him! (I’d be scared to even ask)  Eugene came in second for the second time this season keeping him in the top 10 overall when he crushed Steve’s A6 with KK when he hit a gut shot J to river a straight after Steve flopped his Ace. elite 11 7Steve pushed past Tonia by taking third this week and is now back on top for the season.  The fireball shot that Steve had Andra provide to Tonia “for her cough” did it’s magic in numbing her thought process so he could get her to call his AA for a knock out.  He’ll do anything to win this thing, he managed to come back from 2500 late in the game when they were at the final table bubble to make it all the way back to third.  Keep your eye on him….elite 11 3

Other notables this week include Bob Rosetta, Derek (who Superdave accused of burglarizing his chips) and Barry who are all in the top 10 for the season.  After losing two blue chips to Gene G early on, Chrissy made the final table after some girl on girl action (whoaaaa) when she risked most of her stack calling Sherry’s AK shove with 56ss “But they were suited!”  She went runner runner to get a flush and knock Sherry out.  Chrissy did say she was sorry if you were wondering.  She was eventually knocked out by Nick the dealer.
Based on collections so far this season, in order to hit our goal of 10 seats plus 2 free rolls, we need to average 26 players per week over the last 11 weeks.  This week was the half way point so there is a lot of time left and anyone can get up there.  Lets do this!!!  All In!!!!


This week’s final table in order of finish:

  1. John “Muscles” Gordon
  2. Eugene Castagliuolo
  3. Steve Trizis
  4. Derek “Burglarizer” Csanadi
  5. Barry Jacobs
  6. Robert Rosetta
  7. Tonia Williams
  8. Fil Khaven
  9. Dugg Hadden
  10. Chrissy Holubeck

Ps Congrats to past season participant Mark Winchell who made his first Royal Flush ever – a spade royal playing the regular tournament while waiting for his beloved wife Andra to bust out of the league…

elite 11 6 royal flush






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