Week 10: Tonia takes over the lead but Derek is on a heater and the old GasCard may be back!

Another exciting week for the league!  Derek Csanadi has finished top three for two weeks in a row with a first this week.  He was apparently just warming up before.  Mike “GasCard” Collins is planning to do the same with his first final table of the season – he finished in 2nd place this week after building up a very short stack earlier in the evening.  Tonia Williams however is consistently finishing well and with her 3rd place finish this week she has knocked Steve back out of first place. Tonia has now final tabled 6 out of her nine weeks played.    Other notables this week are Bob Scholz, Rob Benford and Don Dean who have all moved up in the standings.

League final table results 9/21/2017 in order of last place to first:
10th Allen Wiseman
9th Art Markwell
8th Bob Scholz
7th Don Dean
6th Rob Benford
5th Fil Khavin
4th Wil Thorne
3rd Tonia Williams
2nd Michael Collins
1st Derek Csanadi


The league offers more than just poker though, there are fine wines too!  It is rumored that the wine is partially responsible for Superdave’s top three standing.  There was a little scuttlebutt this week when Don Dean dissed Reno’s wine offering after which Fil taught Reno’s table how to say the “F” word in Russian.  In case you were wondering that word is “Blyad”.  Proper context, say when someone doesn’t like your wine or perhaps you get a bad beat from someone calling off all of their chips with a gut straight against your set of queens  would be “ty che, blyad?” (ty che = “what the”}.  Fil also turned on Reno himself offering free beer for the whole night to the person who knocked Reno out. There are no friends at the poker table when you are trying for a Main Event seat!

We’re nearing the half way point of the season but there is plenty of time for anyone to be the big winner.  Final table finishes make all of the difference and we are seeing new faces there every week!  There are multiple Main Event seats available so you don’t need to be the top spot to win! Let’s be all in next week!!!