Week 17: Peter Pompeii wins again!

Brett flopped it for a double leaving Donny short. He was out the next hand.

Shawn O’Brien was new to the feature table and Donny was back with a fresh stack. Andra was short with less than 5K. Andra was all in, Shawn shoved his new stack and Donny called. It was 68hh, AKdd, and TT. Andra hit her 8 on the flop and Shawn hit two diamonds but Donny turned his T. Andra rivered the 6 for 2 pair but Donny won it all.

Follow is a pictorial of other exciting hands from after Andra left in disgust..

We had our final table!

And the winner was not Brett Pope!

It was Peter Pompeii!

The final table in reverse order of finish was:

9: Juan (Smokey)DaCosta

8: Eric Buel

7: Marsha Wolak

6: Clive Gavin

5: Jacob Naumann

4: Steve Trizis

3: Brett Pope

2: Dave Bennett

1: Peter Pompeii

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