Week 16: Ian steps up to win (chop) for Ed V and Cecil shows Nick what time it is!

We had two substitutes battling it out early this week -Ian Feller and Jim Brinkley. Jim got the short end of the stick.

Ian (playing for Ed Van Landingham). Vs Brinkley (playing for Jim Collins.) AIPF

Shawn O’Brien T9> Jake Naumann kA2ss
Jake out to rebuy

Brett Pope shoved & Cecil called for the win. Jim Brinkley who rebought after the AA>KK at the other table, folded his KK preflop, still suffering from PTSD. Oops.

Marsha Wolak kept betting and Cecil kept calling – until the river when she jammed her remaining 9200, he tank folded.

Dave Bennett JJ > Eric Buel 78hh > Joel Deutsch AJo
Eric out

300/500 Brett raised to 1200, Peter Pompeii raised to 4K and Austin Fowler jammed. Everyone folded.

Shawn AK> Dave B QJ
Dave out.

GingerDave Miller AA > Donny Campbell QQ. Double for GingerDave

Donny KK> Shawn AQ
Double for Donny. Huge pot , Donny had 43k!

A couple HUGE hands chipped Andra Zachow, who was short, up big

A full double for Mark Winchell who doubled through Jacob Naumann. Jacob called Mark with a strong flush draw.

A full double for GingerDave through Donny

We had our final table!

Cecil Riddle doubled through Mark AK>QQ

Brett doubled through Donny Campbell

Marsha won a three way all in knocking out Andra 8th and crippling Peter

Brett rivered the A to knock out Peter out 7th

Mark was all in with QQ but, oddly, GingerDave hit his K. Mark out 6th.

Cecil 78 > Brett Q9
Blind vs blind Cecil doubled

Ian AA> GingerDave M Q2cc, GingerDave out 5th

Cecil JT> Ian AK
Cecil doubled up!

Ian QQ > Cecil AK > Brett A7
3way Aipf
Brett out 4th

Cecil J8> Marsha 78, Marsha out 3rd

Cecil Riddle and Ian Feller chopped first place! Ian was substituting for Ed VanLandingham this week.

The final table in order of finish was:

1. Cecil Riddle/Ian (Ed VanLandingham) chop

2. Chop

3. Marsha Wolak

4. Brett Pope

5. Dave Miller

6. Mark Winchell

7. Peter Pompeii

8. Andra Zachow

9. Donny Campbell

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