Week 3: Wine & Cheese, and the Godfather returns!

The Godfather, Steve Trizis, returned with a vengeance with week.  He chipped up early including a 4 way all in and he never looked back.   Meanwhile Chrissy brought some delicious cheese, gluten free, to share with the wine.


You know how you have a great hand and you want to see another card?  And there is a big pot brewing?  Twitch shut it down in this hand!  You can see it on the faces of the other players in the hand.

In another hand Steve T>Steve Z A9s>AT9

Steve Z shoved, New member Andrea folded

Chrissy had 78 and dominated Andrea’s top pair for a much needed double

James & Chrissy then chopped a hand

Clive QQ>AndrEa 44 > Chrissy 25o for a double knock out

In a HUGE hand right before the break Steve T took it down in a 4 way all in!  See the video below for the full action!!!  It started with Steve Z being all in with a short stack of 2200.  Three called then Steve T threw in 10K! (this is somewhat early too).  Andra, Andrea and one other called.  Steve T had 77 and with a 7 on the board he won big!

Twitch AA>Doc KK

Twitch then had  K8>Clive AK to bust him

James AKo>MattA6h to bust Matt

Allen doubled through SuperDave

Allen 44

SuperDave AQ


SuperDave busted

Twitch vs John

After a check on the river by Twitch,  John shoved. Twitch found a fold.

Fil AQ > Wade TT > Ed 88 for a double knockout

Chrissy was super short and near the final table bubble with AJ>Steve T 33 she caught a straight to stay alive!

Andra AA>Steve T KJss   Andra limped her AA (she might not do this anymore) The flop was three spades.  Steve checked, Andra checked.  The turn was 8 of spades.  Steve bet, Andra called (I think?) River brick.  Something like that.  Andra’s Ace of spades gave her the nut flush over Steve’s second nut flush.

Twitch A9cc > Steve T 88

Gene > Steve T …. Luckily Steve had a lot of chips, a few hands did not go his way…

Gene 77> Steve J8

Final Table…


Steve T > Steve Z

James > Steve T KK

Fil > Andra & knocked her out 5th when her nut flush draw didn’t get there.  Fil was pleased as he had a target on Andra after her first week shenanigans.

The remaining 4 players finished up quickly and by midnight we had our winner – the first two weeks went much longer and resulted in chops.  It may have something to do with the whole Godfather thing?  Only those there know what really happened and no pictures were provided.

The final table in order of finish was:

1 Steve Trizis

2 Allen Wiseman

3 Fil Khavin

4 James Palmeri

5 Andra Zachow

6 Steve Zaritsky

7 Bob Scholz

8 Gene Bauerlein

9 Twitch Anderson

10 Chrissy Holubeck

Congrats Chrissy & Twitch who have 3 final tables in 3 weeks!