TBEPL Alum Mike Beattie in Day Two of the Venetian!

Mike is playing The Venetian in the $400 $1M Guarantee!!!

Event 35: $400 NightStack $1,000,000 GTD Day 2 Chip Counts:

132/2,570 remain

$1,000,000 total prize pool

$193,450 to 1st

$1,200 Day 2 min-cash

Chip Leader has 999,000

Mike started with 232,000 chips. Average is 292,000.

Blinds start @ 3,000/6,000/1,000. He is slightly below average but has 38bbs, which is plenty.

Restart was 5pm Vegas/8pm EDT.

Update: 7pm

Lost some but then a double up.

Break. 85 left. Have 250k coming back at 2/8/16k. Avg stack 453k. Still have work to do. #LFG

Update: 7:57

Full double to 485k!! AA > KJss. 3-bet to 80k from button. Guy flats. TT6ssx flop. He checks, I jam. He calls. Ten on turn. 😅 79 left.

Update 8:30

970k @ 12/24k 67 left

Update 9:30

Down to 650k. 3-bet jam KQos from BB. OR has AK. Q on flop. Double up to 1.4M. #Oops Blinds 20/40k. 35 left.

Update 10pm

27 left. Redraw. 1.6M @ 25/50k

Update 10:40

22 left. 2.0M @ 10/30/60k

Update: midnight 16 left!

Final result from Mike’s post:

And, unfortunately busto. I shove pocket Tens from middle position for my last 9bbs and get called by AJcc. Ace on flop and no recovery.

Finished 10th for $10,700.

What an awesome run!!!