Duckman bags top ten chip stack in the WSOP $5K six max!

TBEPL Alum Marvin Karlins will be back at the Rio today at 2pm for day two of the $5K six max. He currently has a top ten chip stack and is up against some big names in poker (who are, of course, slightly less notable than him.

If you’ve read Karlin’s latest book “A Chip and a Prayer” which follows his tournament play and experiences last summer at the WSOP (available on Amazon) you’ll appreciate how much he needs a win here.

If you are in the area stop by and give him a rail.

10:48 pm The Duckman is still in causing great chagrin at his table at 3000/6000 shoving more than they know how to handle with well over 40bb. He has yet to get his namesake pocket twos. 45 left of 621.

11:22 And he’s out…

After shouting “ALL IN” one last time The Duckman ran his KK into his opponents AA. The flop AxA…. that’s all she wrote. 42nd for $11K++++ What a run!!!

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