Week 14: A chop for George and RedHatDave! George Imes crushes from beginning to end and RedHat Dave Menosky is wearing Red again after Gray didn’t work out.

We’ve finished 14 of 20 weeks of the Spring WSOP league and there is no guaranteed winners yet! Trey Harrell is still in 1st place on the season leaderboard but only ahead of #8 by 17 points so a little more than 1 win. There are 84 points left to win (not incuding weekly participation points) over the last 6 weeks of the season, so no qualified player is out of it!!! Some need some run good for sure but it can happen! We have covered 6 full WSOP $10K seats so far so attendance is very important to get to our goal of 8 seats. So many players are very close in points that we are expecting a pretty good amount of rebuys the rest of the season as well since points are becoming more important each week!

This week George Imes and RedHat Dave Menosky chopped first. Last week Dave wore a gray hat and did not make the final table. This week he was wearing 100% red and chopped first. Coincidence? we don’t think so. George moved up 5 places on the leaderboard with just this one win!

We had league alumni Ed VanLandingham, Clive Gavin, and Allen Wiseman substituting this week for Marie, Christian and Mike. Players are allowed up to 6 substitutes to allow for conflicts in their schedules. Our goal is as many WSOP Main Event seats as possible – this is why people join the league – to play the WSOP Main Event!!!

One of the first notable hands was at the feature table. At 200/300 blinds Andra opened 800, about 4 people called and George Imes raised to about 4500. Andra folded and Peter Pompeii jammed and George called. In the end Peter and George chopped AJo=AQo.

Jason Barnett’s QQ could not beat Jacob Naumann’s 46hh and he was out

Cy’s short stack 67dd shove was good vs Mo Maher

Jacob, who declared he’s knocking everyone out tonight, knocked Cy Fredericks out. Cy was promptly replaced by Josh Harrison who max late regged to save rebuy money.

Another double for Cy through Peter Pompeii when his 44>AT

George Imes>Andra Zachow sending her to the $30 tournament in the West wing where she proceeded to do much better with her peers.
Thang Phu’s QQ>Rob Winsler’s JJ
Thang doubled up.
Thang TT> Clive JJ > Jason Barnett 88 in a 3 way all in preflop hand! After this week Thang is 11th on the season leaderboard and in reach of a WSOP Main Event Seat!
Rob’s 66> Tom McDonald’s 78
Rob doubled!
RHDave KJ> Thang QQ
RHDave doubled!
We had our final table!
Rob KK> George J5ss
Rob dub

GingerDave Miller’s AA> Jackie Torro Rivers’ AK
Jackie 9th

RHDave AQcc> George KQ
RHD dub

George JJ > Barbara Cardin’s AK
Barbara out 8th

George QT> Jake A6
Jake 7th

RHDave AA > Thang 68ss
All in on flop
200k pot A lot of AA tonight!

George A4> Thang 33
Thang 6th

RHDave A4 > Rob JT
Rob 5th

George took out Mark Winchell & GingerDave Miller 4th & 3rd

George & RedHat Dave chopped first! The final table in order of finish was: