Week 9: Battle of the Ages: A win for Josh Harrison!

At the outer table Steve raises pre with 7-10. 4 callers. Flop the straight (6-8-9)Tom leads out for $1500. Mo calls. I raise to 4000. Tom folds, Mo calls. Turn 7. No checks, I bet, he raises, I shove. He has 7-8. River 8.

At the feature table Peter Pompeii bet big on the flop and Rob Winsler thought a bit and then jammed. Rob was dismayed when Peter flipped over pocket Queens vs his own AQ. Peter held sending Robert to the window.

Craig Rice was all in on the flop and RedHatDave, the initial raiser, called. Craig called for a J and he got it. Easy game!

Down to two tables Thang Phu, new to the table, knocked out craig Rice.

Austin Fowler was all in but Jacob Naumann tank folded.

At 500/1000 Thang opened 2500 in the small blind. Rob Winsler, short shoved his remaining 11k and Thang called flipping over 66 vs Rob’s 55. A 6 on the flop sealed the deal for Thang and Rob was sent to the rail.

In a huge hand Darryl Woodruff was all in by the river and Peter Pompeii found a fold.

After getting multiple shoves through, Jacob finally was called by Peter Pompeii whose 88 held.

Red Hat Dave flopped a set after Austin flopped the nut flush draw with his AA. RHD held.

The next hand saw Austin headed out after Peter’s AK hit two pair.

We had our final table!

Jackie stayed alive and doubled through Josh Harrison

Jackie had a much needed double through Darryl

A chop for Mo Maher and Peter

But Peter finished in 9th place after Josh woke up with QQ

Marie was out 8th when her AQ could not beat Josh’s AK

Thang and Josh chopped a big hand

AA gave Darryl a double through Mo!

And another double for Darryl

Jackie finished 7th.

A huge double for Darryl through Mo.

Shortly after Josh opened 9k at 2k/4k and Andra called. The flop was 789. Josh check and Andra bet 25k. Josh shoved his stack that had Andra covered. With only about 35-40k behind Andra called open ended with 66. No luck for her and Josh’s 89 for two pair was good. Andra was out 6th at her 1st final table of the season.

RedHatDave Menarsky doubled through Mo!

Thang Phu was out 5th when his AQ<RedHatDave’s AK.

Mo, after coming to the final table with heaps, suffered a few damaging hands -the biggest versus Darryl, and could not make a comeback. He was our 4th place finisher.

RedHatDave was next, finishing 3rd.

Down to heads up play Josh and Darryl, both with big stacks, played it out and Josh Harrison, known for his disrespect for his elders (like knocking out his League Partner Trey’s Mom), took it down winning 1st outright. Darryl finished 2nd.

The final table in order of finish was:

1. Josh Harrison

2. Darryl Woodruff

3. RedHat Dave Menarsky

4. Mo Maher

5. Thang Phu

6. Andra Zachow

7. Jackie Torro Rivers

8. Marie Harrell

9. Peter Pompeii

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