Week 5: Joe Parrish did not Final Table (and a chop for Rob & Tom)

We had Joe Parrish subbing for Craig Rice. Joe was our grand champion last season and there was talk that Craig hired Joe to get a win and really didn’t need a sub.

At the feature table Tig had to fold her A♠︎ when Mike Ozer jammed the turn. He showed a Q high flush.

George Imes, short & 14 minutes of reg left, was all in & Michael called. Michael hit his flush & George was out.

Right before break Andra Zachow was all in on a K5x flop & Jason Barnett & Mike Ozer called. Mike KTdd, Jason had 45, Andra KJss

Andra held and almost tripled up!

After break Jason was back in. This time he hit a straight but Mark Winchell hit the full house on the river!

Ricardo and Rob Winsler were all in but Rob’s AQ>Ricardo’s AK.

Tina Pridgen was all in and Mike called – quad fives gave Mike the win and Tina was out!

Joe Parrish 78ss> Darryl Woodruff KQhh all in on flop

Tig KK > Joe AJ – a full double for Tig!

Tig 22> Mike O K3> JoeP 45 – Tig won 2 1/2 times her stack!

Tom “Stackinator” McDonald A5> Jim Collins K7 all in on flop

Final table! No Joe Parrish, Craig’s going to want a refund.

Trey Harrell QQ> Mike O A7o
Mike out 9th

Rob AQ> Jacob Naumann A9
Jacob out 8th

Clayton Phelps AK> Tom 44 AI on turn
Clayton dub

Christian Ramsey 55> Rob A3
Christian dub

Christian 55> Mark 88
Mark out 7th

Trey KT> Tig JT
Trey dub

Tom AJ > Tig 66
Tom Dub, oddly he hit his J on the river lol

Tom 84 > Trey Q2
Trey out 6th

Clayton KJ> Christian K9
Christian out 5th

Rob T9ss> Tig A7
Tig out 4th

Tom A9> Clayton 22
Clayton out 3rd

Rob Winsler and Tom McDonald chopped 1st!

The final table in order of finish was:

1. Tom McDonald/Rob Winsler

2. Chop

3. Clayton Phelps

4. Tig Winsler

5. Christian Ramsey

6. Trey Harrell

7. Mark Winchell

8. Jacob Naumann

9. Mike Ozer

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