Week 3: Jim “JDawg”Collins still tops the leaderboard after a chop with Ed VanLandingham!

We now have 32 members! We’re expecting way more Main Event seats this season, especially if we keep having the amount of rebuys we’ve been having.

Four tables!

At the feature table a huge pot was brewing. John opened 1700, Eric rr to 3500 & 3 called. On a bricky flop it checked around. The turn was a 9. Eric bet 3500 and Andra jammed. All folded including Eric who lamented folding JJ. Andra later said that she had TT. Or did she?

At the outer table Alex Brown was playing for Doc Brown. His hand was better than Marsha’s.

Dave Bennett’s QQ> Tom McDonald’s 88

Mike Dunn’s 33>Muscles 22 set over set on the flop.

At the new feature table, Jim Brinkley was out when Nick Zivolich had the best hand.

Jason Barnett’s 66>Marsha Wolak’s A8 for the knockout! Jason’s known for his online play.

Victor Iemolo shoved, again, but no callers.

Clive was talking about 63 being his favorite hand so New Jason Barnett tried it out. Successfully. Against Andra.

Clive Gavin shoved and Juan DaCosta snap called with KK. It was QQ v KK. The turn was a straight draw & potential chop but a Q on the river gave Clive the full double!

Clive raised, Victor Iemolo jammed , Joel Deutch jammed and Clive folded his JJ face up. An A on the flop sent Joel to the rail.

Andra, down to her last 5400 was all in. Juan called and flipped over AA. Clive had folded 89 leaving Andra in bad shape. She hit the case 8 for an almost triple up!

Juan, who was having big pairs all night but having some bad beats finally held with his QQ.

Joe Parrish was all in, Andra jammed about 15k that she had just won, , Jim Collins with heaps called. Andra had AK, Jim KQ, Joe 57ss. Joe flopped his 5 & some spades but Jim flopped the Q. Joe turned his 7 for 2 pair on the turn but Jim took it all with K on the river for heaps.

Tina Pridgen’s JJ> Alex Brown’s 22 > Craig Rice’s AK for heaps!

Mike Dunn’s A2> Herb Woodbery’s 62

Dave Bennet’s AK> Austin Fowler’s AJ. Dave and Austin both represented the league in the 2022 Main Event and have high hopes to play again.

Steve Trizis’ AT> Tom McDonald’s A9. Close.

No Poker lessons this week but we did learn about Lasik….

When Andra busts early she has to find more material… “you’re hard headed! No YOU’RE hardheaded”….

Are Victor and Jim actually Step Brothers?

Click “Are Victor and Jim actually Step Brothers?” and let us know what you think…

11 left

In two hands Ed VanLandingham knocked out Mike Dunn and then John Gordon in 9th before he could sit at the final table.

We had our final table!

Steve tank folded after Clive shoved & he was told he couldn’t text Clive during the hand. Steve has a bit of a reputation for what happens to people when he texts them during a poker gam.

Nick’s AQ<Ed VanLandingham’s KK – Nick out 8th.

Steve’s A5o > Juan’s AQ to knock out Juan 7th. Another bad beat for Juan in a string of them this night.

4 places paid tonight with the top two getting more than $1000 each!

A straight for Steve after Jason flopped a set of kings

Victor’s A2>Steve’s A5

Good thing Steve folded – Ed had a Monster by the river.

Ed QQ>Victor J9
Victor out 6th

Jason KJ, Steve KQ, Ed AK
Steve triple up

Jason out 5th

Jim A5>Steve J9> Clive AT

Clive out 4th

EdQQ>Steve QJ
Steve was our 3rd place finisher. It’s for the best, we would never hear the end of it if he won.

Once Steve was out Ed and Jim collins called it a night with a chop. This solidifies Jim Collins on our season leaderboard with a strong first place after 3 weeks.

The final table in order of finish was:

1. Ed Vanlandingham & Jim Collins chop


3. Steve Trizis

4. Clive Gavin

5 Jason Barnett

6. Victor Iemolo

7. Juan DaCosta

8. Nick Zivolich

9. John Gordon

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