Ladies: Huge Game this Sunday at Derby Lane in St. Petersburg! Come play with the PLON Ladies!


This Sunday, February 27 at 1PM, the PLON is hosting a ladies event at Derby Lane. Come get patched up, lots of PLON swag for winners! The structure is $70 25K starting stack and 20 minute levels with a $10 add on for 10K additional chips available when you register so bring $80 to get the maximum chips.

The world’s largest women’s poker organization, Poker League of Nations was founded with the aim of proactively increasing the participation of women in poker worldwide in order to grow open player fields. PLON has engaged women to participate exponentially in open events, as well as introduced women to online poker who have never played online. Check out their Facebook page along with their members only page for more information on other live and online events. If you join the private Facebook group or are already a member of PLON remember to go to the event page and click that you are going if possible so Derby is prepared with the number of tables and dealers. Not required, but it helps keep things running smoothly.

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