Spring League Week 2: Ruosi gets the win but Winchell tops the leaderboard!

Steve thinking very hard… He called and John Mucked

Meanwhile at the other Thursday tournament League Alum Mark Wiser got a Royal! Mark learned most of his poker skills in the ELITE TAMPA BAY POKER LEAGUE!

John FH>Steve Flush

Steve Trizis, short stacked, shoved and John called (since Steve asked him to). Double Up for Steve.

Mark JJ>Steve KJ for the knockout

At the break dealer Nick sat at the outer table & picked up the dead stacks. Eric Buel took it personally when he included his…

Jason doubled KQ>Steve J9

John Gordon & Dave Bennett chopped with MONSTER hands

No callers for Dave B’s all in. He turned broadway.

Another short stack, Mark Winchell, got another one through

Then is was Muscles turn to get one through…

Mark JJ>Steve 88

Steve AQ>Andra AT

Steve A5>John’s 36 to double

John doubled through Steve QQ>33

Dave Bennett > New league member Paul Mastella for the knockout.  Welcome to the League Paul!


Steve Trizis’ shitty A5 bested Andra AK, Garth AK to stay alive!  It was determined that Steve Trizis is a “luck box”.

Andra Zachow’s  77>Steve’s  89 to double her short stack.  Andra is notable in the Tampa Bay area for being a “short stack specialist”.

Dave Bennett’s AJ> Garth’s Q9 for the knockout

Andra QT>Dave AK for yet another double up!

Andra’s AK>Steve shitty hand to double her up again!

Andra Zachow’s AA>Steve’s KJ.  Another double! She limped her Aces and Steve shoved. Ha!

After Darryl bubbled at the outer table  we had our final table!!!

What a good looking group of people!


The first bustout occurred at the final table when SuperDave’s  88> Jason Barnett’s AQ for the knockout

Dave B 35♣️♣️>Ed Sojac KK

Mark shoved and got it through

Then Dave B got one through shoving with JJ

Andrea 66>Dave B A7 to knock last week’s winner out!

Andrea Ruosi’s KK > Steve Trizis’ 99 for the knockout

Mark KQ > John QT for a double up

SuperDave Kaucher J9 >Rob Benford A8 for the knockout

Mark KJ > John T4 for a double

Mark AQ>Andra A7 😢 for the knockout and a spot on the couch later that night.

Mark FH> John “Muscles” Gordan trip 8s.  When the 8 came on the river there was no getting away for John.

John Gordon 55>Ed Sojak A9

Mark 88>Ed Sojack JT♣️♣️ for the knockout

Mark Winchell 55 >Muscles KQ

Andrea Ruosi’s A5 bested John Gordon’s TT

John went off a bit….

John straight>SuperDave KK

Andrea’s Quad fives then bested John Gordon’s hand for the knockout.  Boom!

….and then there were three

Andrea TT> SuperDave JJ

Heads up!!!

And the winner was…..

The Final Table in order of finish was:

1 Andrea “WTF” Ruosi

2 Mark ‘The GOAT” Winchell

3 SuperDave Kaucher

4 John “Muscles” Gordon

5 Ed Sojack

6 Andra Zachow

7 Rob “Retiree” Benford

8 Steve “The Godfather” Trizis

9 Dave Bennett

10 Jason Barnett