Week 11: Another win for Matt Trizis! Jason Barnett’s position at risk!

There was a lot of action early in the night as the Elite Tampa Bay Poker league had it’s 11th game of the Fall Season.  Coming into week 11, Jason Barnett had a strong hold on the number one position on the leaderboard with the closest person, Fil Khavin, 13 points away in 2nd place.  Alan Wiseman and Matt Trizis followed in 3rd and 4th.  After this week Jason still holds 1st place, but Matt Trizis, after wins/chops two weeks in a row, has cut that lead to 6 points.  was it overWe are only half way through the season and every remaining member in the league still has an opportunity to win a Main Event seat by moving up the leaderboard with strong final table finishes.  img_5882









This week started in a rather unusual way.  Doc Brown, who has had some amazing run good this season, was sent to the window early.  Gene AQ♣️♣️> Doc 89o  “I guess I don’t have to rebuy” Gene said.

Steve Trizis  QT>Gerry ?? Gerry reraised Steve on the turn, call. Gerry shoved river. call. Gerry mucked to double Steve, who had lost quite a few chips early, mostly to Andra, up.

Next hand saw Gerry all in for 1900. Andra called in the bb with A2. Gerry’s Q9 no good on an AQx flop and he was sent to the rail.


Meanwhile, at the outer table, Clive knocked out Ed V. Ed went to the window & returned to the same table.

Still at the outer table there was an uproar as Andrea Ruosi’s Quad Kings knocked out John “Muscles” Gordon with QQ


Andreas then knocked out Gerry as well.

Doc Brown, now very short stacked, called Andra’s min raise.  On the 789 rainbow flop Andra checked and Doc shoved his remaining 3400 as she expected because he’s Doc Brown.  Andra’s snap called with AA and  Doc’s 79 held for a double.   Andra was a bit perturbed but relieved that was only 3400 of her pretty decent sized stack.

Clive > Andreas > Ed V

Down to 2 tables

Chrissy AA>Twitch AQ♣️♣️  For the knockout.

Gene was very patient and limped in with KK – he had only 2K behind.  Chrissy A8> Gene KK when she rivered trips

Jason AA> Sherry 33 for a double up

Fil A8♣️♣️> Derek KQ

Andra K9♥️♥️ > Derek 55 when she called his All In hoping the “K9” luck at Derby Lane would hold (plus her stack size allowed it, she’s not a total donkey).  It did.

We had our Final table!
*picture missing Alan and Sherry

Andrea Ruosi 58♥️♥️ >Alan Thomas KQ rivered straight, Alan out 10th

Fil KK> Sherry TT out 9th

Matt KK>Fil 44

Matt AA > Allen AK

Chrissy TT> Matt 89♦️♦️ when she runner runner runnered flush to double up!

Chrissy KK> Steve A6 to double her up!

Andrea 66>Steve A4

Matt 44>Steve AQ♥️♥️  to knock out his own father 5th.  Who gave him life.  horrible.

Chrissy, our Solar girl,  short stacked, was then out 4th after several come backs.

It was three way action with Andrea AK & Matt AT >Andra 55 after they called her shove.  (They chopped a straight)

Andra was out 3rd which moves her back up to sole possession of 5th place on the season leaderboard.  Last week she had a 5th place finish after a great start early in the season. She will be a force to be reckoned with the rest of the season.

In the end it was Matt A7>Andrea 56♦️♦️ for the win!

When asked how he was going to celebrate his second 1st place in a row he said “I’m going to Disney World”!

The final table in order of finish was:

1 Matt Trizis

2 Andrea Ruosi

3 Andra Zachow

4 Chrissy Holubeck

5 Steve Trizis

6 Allen Wiseman

7 Fil Khavin

8 Jason Barnett

9 Sherry Wiseman

10 Alan Thomas

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