Week 10: Ann Gove and Matt “Not Steve” Trizis chop it up!!! Jason Barnett tops the leaderboard!

The leaderboard saw some more changes this week but no change on top where Jason Barnett, a past season Main Event seat winner with the league, dominates the league with 74 points.  Fil pulled ahead of Allen Wiseman with his 3rd place finish this week to take #2 on the season leaderboard.

This week, however, was all Ann Gove as she built a wall and dominated the field.  She had a chop a couple of weeks ago and this week chopped with Matt Trizis.

Steve “The Godfather ” Trizis returned from his world travels this week to find himself at 10th place, tied with Andra Zachow and her beloved husband Mark Winchell.  This was before week 10 changed things.  Steve was not so lucky this week.  In a twist of normal events, Sherry Wiseman cracked Steve’s AA.

Sherry KQ > Steve AA

Clive vs “Bob the Donkey “

Andra 88> James JTcc

Andra flopped a set of 8s, James a straight flush draw. Andra held

Ann J5 bb

Andreas AK ( limped utg +1)

Derek>Steve for the knockout

Bob tripled up through Muscles & Allen

Fil 88> Derek KJ for the knockout

Andra KT>Fil 77 > Allen to knock out Allen and chip Andra up.

Andra Zachow’s AA>Bob Scholz’ KQ for a double when the board paired to counterfeit Bob’s flopped two pair with a  on the flop and turn.

Ann Gove K3

Gerald Silva  Q10

Gerry out!

Jason KQ

Ann Q9

Dave J9

Dave out

Jason sucked out

Ann Quad 3s

We had our final table

Bob AJ>Sherry TT for a double

Fil AJ>Mark AQ

Matt QW>John K9♣️♣️

Sherry A8>John 45 for a double

Fil A4 to knock Muscles out who was all in blind as a “straddle”

Jason JJ>Ed AQ

Matt 88> Ed AT To double Matt up

Fil TT>Ed AK♠️♠️,

Ed out

Andra KJ ♠️♠️ > Bob AQ

Bob out

Matt 67♥️♥️>Jason AQ for the knockout

Fil doubled Matt up ♣️♣️>AT

Ann 77>Andra 9T for the knockout.  Andra flopped two pair but Ann’s 77 gave her a straight on the turn.  This knocked Andra out 5th leaving Sherry, short stacked, in the money.

Fil AJ>Ann 77

Matt A8>Fil QQ for the knockout in 3rd.

Matt & Ann agreed to a chop!

The final table in order of finish was:

1 Ann Gove

1 Matt Trizis

3 Fil Khavin

4 Sherry Wiseman

5 Andra Zachow

6 Jason Barnett

7 Bob Scholz

8 Ed Vanlandingham

9 John Muscles Gordon

10 Mark Winchell