Week 7: Jacob Naumann takes 1st for the week after extensive heads up battle with area notable Mark Winchell!

Week 7 of the league was CRAZY!  The leaderboard is solidifying after the first third week of the season but with 14 weeks of play left anyone can still win a seat and travel money to represent the league in the WSOP Main Event!

Before the 1st hour was up there was a lot of action at the tables. Jason’s flopped set of 10s held against Matt’s flopped set of 9s (10 9 6 flop). Both filled on the turn but Jason got the double up.  It seemed the Trizis family was cursed this week.


Area Pro Jacob Naumann busted Mo and Trey in the same hand, and that was just the beginning.  Then Joe P busted Doc Brown.   Doc  rebought. For his second attempt he jammed almost every hand.

Clive A-10 vs A-K of SuperDave Kaucher. River 10 for Clive to double up. The whole table yelled at SuperDave.

img_1457Round 2. Same 2 players. QQ vs The Wanker’s A-Q. A on the flop
Super Dave is history



AIPF. Steve Z versus Ed. Q on the river for Steve.

AIPF. Aaron A-7 vs Ed’s A-J. Knocked out Ed.

Steve Z vs Aaron AA. Allen open folded the Ace of diamonds.

Clive shoved and Darryl called with KQ. AIPF. And Darryl sucks out on the river

Clive shoved the rest of his chips. Aaron calls. AIPF. Aaron wins and knocks out Clive.

Allen shoves UTG with KQxx. Karl reshoves with QQ. A King on the flop doubles up Allen

Steve Trizis was down to 2900 and was in the blinds. Allen was UTG and shoved. Herb looked up briefly from his laptop and called.   Then he looked back at his laptop.  Steve called for 300 more.   Steve T won for a triple up and  Herb won the side pot.

Herb Woodbery (JQ) flopped a straight on a  8-9-10xxc board. Mark Winchell flopped 2 pair with 8-10cc. Runner runner clubs for Mark gave him the win causing Herb to grimace while looking at his laptop.


Mark Winchell, who has been rumored to be an angler with frequent “crazy Aggro Play” sucked out and took Steve Trizis out.

img_8911Trizis’ 12th place finish was just a bit short of the final table. To quote Steve “Mark sucked out on me. I hope you yell at him. I flopped a king for KK. We went all in. He turned an A for AA. Perhaps it wasn’t exactly in that order. But yell at him anyways. ”   (Mark clarified that Steve shoved with KJ and Mark had called wsith AJ)

Rob’s 10 10 was no good when he ran into Kenny’s AA

We had our final table!


Landon, coming off of his huge cash in the Ante Up Poker Tour, had A8hh which bested Kenny’s KQ

Doc Brown, with an impressive stack in front of him, tried bluffing Jacob who also had an impressive stack.

Doc Brown before attempting to Bluff Jacob Naumann
Doc Brown after attempting to Bluff Jacob Naumann

Landon’s hot streak was over when he finished 4th and then there were three, Jacob, Darryl and Mark.  It was a battle until the finish!!!

Darryl’s 10s lost to Jacob’s JJ set over set!

Then Darryl 10s >Jacob AJ when he turned it into QUADS!

Mark’s Q5 >Darryl 72 (blind versus bind, you know Darry would never play 7 2)

Darryl finished 3rd and after a heads up Battle Royale Jacob bested Mark for the win!

The Final Table in order of finish was:

  1.  Jacob Naumann
  2. Mark “The Shark” Winchell
  3. Darryl Woodruff
  4. Landon Brown
  5. Donald “Doc” Brown
  6. Chrissy Holubeck
  7. Kenny O’Donnell
  8. Jason Barnett
  9. Aaron Thivyanathan
  10. Sherry Wiseman
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