Week 20: Rob Benford takes the lead from Steve!

League Dinner at Ruth Chris

After a great TBEPL dinner Wednesday at Ruth Chris where Steve Trizis gifted all of the members with custom card protectors (he’s so awesome), it was HUGE night Thursday in the Elite Tampa Bay Poker League. Rob Benford was finally the member to take first place from Steve Trizis with third place points this week.  Those card protectors were good luck apparently.  Both Barry and Rob have been gunning to take over first from Steve.

Barry and Rob planning to unseat Steve from 1st Place

Steve, after being knocked out, wanted Barry out too, but Rob, who has made 5 of the last 6 final tables and has moved steadily up in the standings,  3 places this week, was the one to move up to first place!

First place this week went to Darryl Woodruff who was ON FIRE!  Darryl had a dominating lead at the final table. img_5201 Earlier in the evening Darryl knocked Gino out when his 9 gave him flopped trips over Gino’s AK when the flop was A99.  Andra, who needed to cash this week and the next two to possibly a top ten finish,  feared the beard and folder her AKo to Darryl’s all in to live to see a second place finish by the end of the night.

This Thursday was Chrissy’s birthday which she celebrated with her favorites:  Caymus (gifts from league friends)img_5225 and gluten free baked goods. img_5226 To top it off she was able to make the final table and finished 10th after a knock out by Andra.  Andra said she sorry and Chrissy did not hold it against her due to the Gluten free cookies.

Everyone was excited to see Don Dean make yet another final table.  Don was in 3rd place over all coming into week 20.  There was tremendous disappointment when Don D was eventually knocked out in 8th place.  He still is in the top 5 this season and potentially eligible for a Main Event seat!img_5206

Sherry was getting short earlier and finally things turned around and she started doubling up and became a definite threat when her AKss>Ken Brown’s 44 when she flopped a K.  Ken finished 9th this week.  Darryl did also have some damage when Sherry’s JJJ>Darryl’s TTT.   She was able to chip up and eventually finished in 6th place this week.  Sherry moved up a place in the standings to 13th with her final table finish this week.  img_5208Her arch-nemesis (aka husband) Allen had to one up her and come in 5th though to move up 3 spots to 11th for the season after starting the season a bit slow.

Derek doubled up through Art when his AK > QQ and that gave him the chips to make the final table and a 7th place finish.

The remaining four players at this point were Barry,  who came into this week in 5th place overall, Andra who needed to cash for any chance this season, Rob, and Darryl.

Barry had a good stack going into the final table after he knocked both Tonia and SuperDave out in one hand.  Later his 8T>Mike Beattie’s 9Qss for a double up.img_5210

Andra had been quietly chipping up all night including KK>Bob Sholz’s A8 in an all in.  Later she had FH>Beattie’s K high.

Andra was the short stack of the final four and she waited in the wings until Barry was knocked out by Darryl then she started chipping up.

Andra’s lucky chip working against Rob and Darryl

Darryl, Rob and Andra played for more than an hour with chips moving around between Rob and Andra and Andra slowly chipping away at Darryl.  Eventually Rob was knocked out when Darryl hit 888 and that left Darryl and Andra heads up.  Things started getting rough for Darryl when at one point Andra was able to get about even,  but then a few hands in his favor depleted her stack enough that the game was over and Darryl was the weekly winner.img_5218

The final table finish this week:

  1. Darryl
  2. Andra
  3. Rob
  4. Barry
  5. Allen
  6. Sherry
  7. Derek
  8. Don Dean
  9. Ken Brown
  10. Chrissy

Only two more weeks to go in the league this season and just about everyone has a chance to make top ten with some strong finishes (and less strong by others).  Note:  For those who didn’t win a seat this season but did play the required number of weeks (see the rules for more info), there is a season end free roll to determine the winners of two additional prizes!  Everyone still has a chance to win!!!




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