Week 21: Steve returns from his final table sabbatical to retake the lead! One week left! Rob bummed but will get over it. Andra finally acknowledges she won’t make Top 5!


It was another exciting week during the second to last week of the season.  Not only did everyone receive a sleigh made out of candy gift from an anonymous dealer, but The Godfather of the Elite Tampa Bay Poker League came back from his final table sabbatical to take first for the week AND season. The top two flipped places (but Rob can’t be too sad since he is a strong #2), but #3 – #9 stayed the same for the current league standings.   That is a first!


Steve started playing in  top form very early in the evening.  Steve & Fil were in a hand heads up sb vs bb.  Steve bet 600 Fil folded & Steve showed a 3. Fil said he had one too. Steve said he had a better kicker. Fil said he had K but Steve claimed that he had an A kicker (allegedly).  He’s just amazing to watch in action. The author of this blog hopes to play as well as him someday. Art commented on the excellent hand choice for the raise in the battle of the kickers.

It was also determined that Steve was fibbing heavily. For example he looked at a card & said it was bad then the next card & said it was also bad. Art played the hand & later found out Steve’s cards were AJ.  They weren’t bad after all.

Andra ran into some bad luck when she got into a hand with Art.  It was FH over FH.  Kx > Q9 flop KKQ turn 9, river 9. Ouch!  She was pretty sure she was going to run good the last two weeks of the season & leapfrog into the top five.  Not so much.

Gino had another final table appearance & finished in 10th place.

Chrissy had an awesome finish this week with some help from John Gordon.  They both flopped sets. 77 vs JJ Chrissy had the JJ. Muscles finished in 9th place.


Darryl chopped first with Steve this week making it two weeks in a row for a top cash for Darryl.  After getting short Ken chipped him up.  Darryl’s AKhh vs Ken Brown AQxx. Queen and 2 ❤️’S on the Flop. A turn, Kd River.  Ken finished in 8th place.

Steve sucked out on Rob and put a big dent in his stack that he never recovered from. As Steve explained during the post game interview “I shoved all in with K-9dd and Rob called with A-Kxx. I sucked out on him. 60K pot.”  Rob ultimately finished 5th.

It was another great night for the ladies in the league with Sherry, Tonia & Chrissy all at the final table.



The final table in order of finish this week:

1. Steve & Darryl

3. Chrissy

4.  Bob Rosetta

5.  Rob Benford

6.  Tonia

7.  Sherry

8.  Ken

9.  Muscles

10.  Gino

Remember to share the league info for the new season coming up!  It’s going to last 20 weeks and leads up to the Main Event this summer in Vegas!  The more members we have, the more seats we can give away!  Also don’t forget we have a freeroll coming up for the members of the losers lounge.


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