Week 19: Fil has back to back wins!


With his 4th win of the season  Fil is only a few points behind Steve after week 19.   A win is worth 16 points so everyone who played this week can still make the top ten if they have a three week run good. At week 17 Fil was in 13th and now, only two games later, he is in 2nd place.img_5112


Steve loses set over set to SuperDave


The bubble this week was Ken Brown who had quads twice early in the night and seemed unbeatable.   Steve was out early when SuperDave K won a big hand with set over set.   Steve’s been taking it easy on everyone for a few weeks but with Fil nipping at his heels he plans on winning the next few weeks.

Chrissy was getting a little short once the players were combined to two tables and showed great confidence in her short stack play by entering the Thursday night player appreciation before the buy in ended, even though she had enough of a stack to  stage a come back in the league. She had stacks going in two tournaments until she was knocked out.  There was discussion that she might need to call a 1-800 number for poker players.

Barry tried a new angle this week and ordered cake and ice cream to distract the other players. He refused to ask for 9 spoons for sharing.  Barry’s angle  backfired when Dugg also ordered cake and ice cream and finished two places higher than Barry who came in 8th.


Dugg made a comeback when he was almost out of chips and Fil doubled him up A8>A7.  Don Dean doubled Dugg up again when his ATdd lost to Dugg’s straight.  Soon after that  Fil doubled him up a third time when his 99<AJ.  All of these doubles led Dugg to a 6th place finish for the week.

Andra made the final table again after chipping up through a Gino knockout but as short stack by the time the final ten were determined.  She was out when Bob Scholz woke up with AA after her short stack  shove with 66.  She blamed her occasional bad play and her too frequent hero calls on Amber.   Amberbock that is.

Don Anderson won at least one  hand  this week and finished 2nd after Fil.  Don A is now back in the top 10.  Don had a great start to the season and it’s great to see him headed up in the standings again.  Mike Beattie had a much needed 3rd place finish which puts him in reach of top 10 if he has a great next three weeks (and certain others don’t).


The order of finish for week 19 was:

  1. Fil
  2. Don A
  3. Mike Beattie
  4. Carmine
  5. SuperDave Kaucher
  6. Dugg
  7. Bob Scholz
  8. Barry
  9. Paul M
  10. Andra





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